Fifth Photo Shoot of 2012 :-)

My Makeup Station 🙂

Yesterday, I just had my Fifth Photo Shoot of 2012 courtesy of HEBE Manila Online Shop in cooperation with SteadyCab Productions. HEBE Manila messaged me the night before (January 27) asking me if I wanted to do a shoot with them. At first, I was hesitant because I still had a leadership seminar to attend to plus a Makeup Session with beauty blogger, April Perez. However, I just couldn’t resist missing out on such an opportunity. Lucky for me that on the day itself, my friends cancelled out on the leadership seminar. So it was truly a Makeup Saturday for me again.

One thing that I could honestly say about this is that I woke up late for the shoot. It totally slipped my mind that I wasn’t to go a seminar anymore and that I had to shoot. Fortunately for me, the location of the shoot was near my place s0 it wasn’t such a hassle that I woke up late and all that drama. So I arrived there at Camera Cart Studios at around 9:30am. I took a trike since I didn’t wanna waste gas going there. I could opt to walk, but I had too much stuff with me. Thankfully, my Yaya (household helper) accompanied me going there. So thank you so much, Yaya! You know I love you so much! :”> (Yes, she speaks English and also Chinese too! LOL!)

Paolo shooting Janelle while CJ and Nadine style Georgina's Outfit. 🙂

Cat-Eye Makeup for Janelle Guiab 🙂

Smokey Eyes Makeup for Georgina 🙂

On the course of doing the hair and makeup. Nadine, the co-owner of HEBE Manila asked me to do a cat-eye makeup on the first model which is Janelle. All of them are my batchmates back in High School, by the way so that explains why I call them by their first names. Anyhow, I did a Cat-Eye Makeup on Janelle together with loose curls to punk up the look. I honestly am not that good in doing Hair so do not expect that I can do what my hairstylist, Marlo can do. So there, basically the picture above explains the look I did on her. I used my favorite Liquid Liner from IN2IT Cosmetics for this look. I am more comfortable with using liquid liner rather than that of gel liner because it gives out a more precised line and it looks more evident on Camera. Well, that’s my opinion on that. It is really up for a person to decide on what kind of liner they want to use. All that matters is how you apply it.

Going back, I did a neutral sultry smokey eyes on the next model, Georgina. Nadine also personally asked me to do that look on her. She didn’t want the makeup to go overboard for they will be modelling clothes. So I did a similar Makeup Look on my 3rd shoot with Industrial Students from my school. I paired it with a nude Lipstick from L’Oreal Paris and topped it over with a lipgloss from Elianto Cosmetics. I didn’t anymore do her hair for they wanted to keep it straight for contrasting purposes for the pair shots.

Georgina's fierce pose 🙂

Erika directing Janelle of the Poses 🙂

So for the part wherein they would take photos, I usually stay to retouch the model from time to time. Also, I would help dictate poses and just roam around and fix my stuff after ward. So Erika did the dictation of the poses while Nadine, Cj and Krizia wouldchange the outfit and accessories of the models. After which, Paolo would shoot them, and Joan takes charge of doing the BTS (Behind The Scenes) pictures. It was a maximum of 5 shots I suppose for each outfit. You could really see the determination of the stylists and the photographers during the shoot because of all them would run around just to match the outfits and all. It was really heartwarming how these ‘Young Professionals’ work as mentioned and seen by Erika (the one directing the pose), herself. I commend Miriam College High School for teaching all of us there in the shoot to be this patient in everything we do. That was such a sight to see and that is why I must say that this shoot was truly a success!

There you have it, that is my fifth shoot of 2012 thanks to HEBE Manila and SteadyCab Productions! Thank you so much for booking me, Cj Aquino and Nadine Narciso! Thank you so much for modelling and covering the shoot, Joan Sta Ana, Janelle Guiab, Gerogina Gonzales, Paolo Maddela, Krizia Jimenez, Kiko Abrillo and Erika Oyales! Thank you too for the food, guys! I definitely had fun shooting with you all! Also, thank you to God for such a wonderful opportunity!  I truly can’t wait to see the launching of your newest collection!  Thank you so much! 🙂

If you have time, please do check out HEBE Manila’s Facebook Page together with SteadyCab Production’s Page! HEBE Manila sells amazing products and I am not saying this because I know them and they got me to do a shoot with them. I promise you all, you will love their products. Especially their shoes! Plus, SteadyCab Productions take such amazing photos and does outstanding video coverage! So check them all out by clicking the link below! 🙂

SteadyCab Productions


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist ♥


Fourth Photo Shoot of Year 2012 :-)

Behind the Scenes of Last Saturday's Shoot 🙂

Last Saturday (January 21), I had my fourth Photo Shoot of year 2012 at UP Diliman. This was my friend, Sam’s Pre-debut Shoot in cooperation with ‘THIS’ (Trigger Happy Imaginative Studios) Photography. The photographers present in the shoot were Mr. Alexiz Taaca, Mr. Choy Palo and Mr. James Oliveria. Also with special appearance by the debutante’s photographer friend, Mr. Enzo Samonte. Her hair was styled by Ms. Marlo Ramos, my official partner in crime for my shoots and other bookings. My reason for posting this late is because I lacked sleep and I was infused with a really bad cold that came back prior to doing the shoot itself. I guess its because I am overworking myself.

My take on Avant Garde Makeup 🙂

Well anyway, I didn’t really have a chance to sleep the night before the shoot. This was because I really wanted to try doing some Avant Garde makeup on myself. I printed out a 14 page PEG for when I do makeup artistry. I really wanted to try doing some more of these looks to test my Makeup Artistry Skills. This is because I really am personally not a fan of Avant Garde, and that I would usually have the notion that I cannot do it. However, when I tried doing it, I was surprised by how inspired I am that I managed to create a look that I would want to actually share to this blog and to everyone else.So I finished taking almost a hundred photos of myself wearing that look at around 4:00am. After which, I uploaded a photo on Twitpic, removed my makeup, rested for a while and took a shower and change. Practically, I think I finished it all and slept at around a little pass 6:00am. To think that I had to wake up at around 9:30am to prepare for the shoot. Well, to be honest, I took the initiative of sleeping with my hair wet and already wearing my clothes for the shoot.So when I wake up, I am just ready to go. That’s one advice I can give  for when you are in a hurry because it really does save a lot of time and effort.

Hair by: Ms. Marlo Ramos 🙂

Makeup by Claire Lingan 🙂

Makeup by Ms. Claire Lingan and Hair by: Ms. Marlo Ramos 🙂

Marlo and I called in late for the shoot because Sam wasn’t also ready, and I still had to pick Marlo up at a nearby Mc Donald’s. We got at Sam’s condo at around 10:30am to do the Hair and Makeup of her pre-debut shoot. The shoot was scheduled to begin at around 1:30pm because we didn’t wanna shoot Sam under the blazing sun. On the course of doing the hair and makeup, Marlo did the princess-like big curls on her. She taught that it would match Samantha’s sophisticated themed shoot. Also, I did a purple smokey eye paired with a rosy pink lip color. Sam personally hasn’t tried on a purple shadow, so I thought of giving her that look so she’ll know how beautiful purple eye makeup looks on everyone else. I didn’t anymore bother to put false lashes on because her lashes were long and thick already. Nonetheless, I was glad that Sam loved her look and that she was already excited for the shoot.

Yummy Chicken From Manang's Chicken at Katipunan! 🙂

Yummy Fried Pancit from Manang's Chicken 🙂

After doing her hair and makeup, we went to eat at Manang’s Chicken at Katipunan. We wanted to fill our stomachs in before doing anything else. So I ordered a four piece chicken with rice, a macaroni salad and shared a fried pancit with Marlo. Sam just ate burger and fries since she wasn’t as hungry as we were. So immediately after eating, Marlo had to leave for she has some errands to do. I drove Sam to UP and met up with Enzo and the other photographers. I also did some minimal retouch on her so she’s ready to go. On this part of the story, I usually would just point out the idea that they just did their thing for when they do shoots. I stay with them until the shoot is over because I have to retouch Sam from time to time.

My other take on Avant Garde Makeup 🙂

At around 5:00 pm while we were shooting in front of Palma Hall, something came up to me and I suddenly just had the weirdest idea of doing an Avant Garde Makeup Look on myself. I know this sounds unreal to some, but I was literally doing my makeup there. I was sculpting a Cat-Eye and people were passing by. To think that all the Jeepney Drivers and Passengers are seeing me do a live Makeup Tutorial then and there. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed doing my makeup. I continued doing it inside the car because I had to pick up a couple more products to add to it. So after doing my makeup, I went to the Sunken Garden to meet up with the others. They were taking jump shots of Sam, and it was time for the group picture. We also ordered Taho courtesy of Kuya Choy.

Samantha at 18 🙂

They did minimal editing on Sam’s photos since her Mom was there already to pick her up from the shoot. I was so happy that Mrs. Umipig loved the photos. It was so heartwarming how she reacted to the shoot. I could now truly regard this one as a success. It was all thanks to ‘THIS’ (Trigger Happy Imaginative Studios) Photography, Ms. Marlo Ramos and Ms. Samantha Umipig for booking us. Also, Ms. Yna Mendez for recommending us. It was truly one shoot that I personally am proud of.

Well, that’s it! This is what happened during my Fourth Photo Shoot of 2012! I am indeed so blessed to have worked with these people. I will also try and upload a follow me around Vlog and update my YouTube Account once and for all as soon as possible. So thank you so much for reading! I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year from the bottom of my heart! Kung Hei Fat Choi! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Or as we say in Chinese, 新年快乐!! 🙂 恭禧發財!!! 🙂 Enjoy the year of the Water Dragon, y’all! 🙂


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist ♥

Third Photo Shoot of Year 2012 :>

Third Photo Shoot of Year 2012 ♥

Hey Everyone! Earlier today, I had a shoot with the Second Year Students of  the College of Fine Arts and Design majoring in Industrial Design at my school, the University of Santo Tomas. My friend, Nieves contacted me to help her and her groupmates out on their photoshoot project. If you guys are following me on Twitter, you would know that it is also my Preliminary Exams week. Hence, I really had a hard time managing my schedule because I couldn’t concentrate on studying because of too many things such as org workloads, school paperwork, photo shoots and a lot of different things. To cut the story short, I was stressed out because I didn’t know what I’d do to manage all of these at the same time. I even wanted to give up on myself already because I was too afraid that my grades are going to be in vain.

Thankfully, I managed to pull it all off because of the help of the Black Nazarene mixed with a whole lot amount of self-confidence. Since my bestfriend, Faye ( and I went to go see the Black Nazarene at Quiapo Church yesterday, I was able to gain back a lot of self-confidence to keep pushing myself forward. This is why I was able to at the very least, assert myself that I will be able to pull everything off. So the night I got home from Quiapo Church, I told myself to start studying at around 9:00pm because I had to wake up at around 6:30am and prepare myself for the shoot at around 8:00 in the morning. I then hurriedly reviewed for Rizal Course because I had to reread the readings and annotate each one for me to memorize and have a better understanding of what was going on. I finished studying for this at around quarter to 3:00am, and went to bed right away because I still have to wake up early for the shoot.

Makeup by Claire Lingan 🙂

I arrived at the venue of the shoot at around 8:00 in the morning. I met up with my friend, Nieves outside the Beato Building and immediately went upstairs to do the makeup of their model. It was kind of embarrassing on my part because I was in my uniform and my hair was dripping wet. Good thing, they didn’t mind what I looked like. So on the course of doing the model’s hair and makeup, I started by doing a neutral smokey eye. This is because I didn’t want the model to have an Avant Garde Leopard Face since I was told to change her look after the Leopard-Print Attire. The model was asked to wear a black tube with boots for her studio shoot, so I then proceeded on improving her look by doing a sultry smokey eye makeup to complement the outfit. After which, I proceeded on going for a nude color lip to complement the look. My reason for doing this is for me to have lesser time to do the makeup and incorporate more time on studying for my other exam which would be about Rational Psychology.

While Nieves and the others were shooting, I opted to stay near the building to study, so I can somehow retouch the model if ever. Unfortunately, the guard asked me to leave the vicinity because my driver parked the car on the Teacher’s Parking Slot which was directly fore fronting the area of the building. Since I cannot fathom the idea of all my precious lipsticks getting melted down by the blazing sun, I stayed inside the car and parked near the Arc of the Centuries. This is for me to be under the shade to study. and for me to easily spot where they were having the shoot. Fortunately for me, my friend, Zha whom I talked about in my previous blog, made time to accompany me. This was so sweet of her considering that we have a test at around 1:00pm.

Makeup by Claire Lingan 🙂

It took Nieves and the others to finish their outdoor shoot for about an hour. Luckily, I was halfway through studying about the History of Human Origin. So we went back up the building to do the second look at the fourth floor Studio-A of the Beato building. It took me about 25 mins to retouch and change the look of the model. After which, Zha and I left because we still had to study some more. We ate lunch at Jollibee at around 11:50am, and used the remaining hour to study for Rational Psychology and Rizal Course. Well, on this part of the story, I just went on to take my exams and prayed to God that I pass it.

Makeup for the Second Year UST Industrial Design Students 🙂

So this was how my Third Photo Shoot of Year 2012 went on to be like. I am still on the process of learning the idea of time management, so I can be more productive in what I am doing. You see, taking up a difficult course like mine and being a Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist at the same time is not that easy. I have to sacrifice my time on each side of the coin in order to achieve equilibrium in the things that I do. However, I am still thankful that I was given a chance to participate in such an event. All thanks to God and my friends: Nieves, Zha and Faye! This was truly a moment in my life that really challenged my capabilities, and pushed me to keep reaching for my dreams.

Thank you for reading!  I hope you’d have the heart to wish me luck on my exams. :”> Ciao! :>


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist (CAS BATCH 28) ♥

Second Photo Shoot for Year 2012 ♥

Behind The Scenes Pictures From Today's Shoot. ♥

Hey everyone! I recently had my Second Photo Shoot of the year at UP Diliman courtesy of my friend, Yna Mendez for her debut. I had a pre-debut shoot in cooperation with Trigger Happy Imaginative Studios AKA ‘THIS’. The photographers and videographers responsible in making the shoot a success were Mr. Alexiz Taaca, Mr. Choy Palo, Mr. James Oliviera, and Mr. Billy Fajardo. I am their in house Makeup Artist, by the way.

Makeup by Claire Lingan ♥

The theme of her second pre-debut shoot was the ‘Simple Innocent Musician Girl’. They specifically asked me to do just a normal day makeup for the debutant. We didn’t want things to look top heavy since we were just going to take minimal photos and concentrate on doing video. Hence, I just basically contoured her  face to extenuate her features and gave her that sweet girl look. We didn’t take that much time to do the makeup because we were short of time, however based on the raw files that the photographers showed me, I guess it was a success. This is because I am not used to doing makeup in a short period of time since I like to take time evening out the look so it really does take time for me to do the makeup perfectly.

Claire Lingan's Makeup Train Case ♥

However, I feel like this is an area for me to improve upon since not all of my future clients will have the luxury of time to spare for hair and makeup. Nonetheless, I am still grateful that I was given a chance to be a part in a special event of someone’s life. I mean, its not all the time that I get to do shoots, hence I always make sure that I give my all in that specific project. No one would want to get someone who won’t work extra hard for them, right? I don’t know, I think its just rational to get someone who’d exert that much effort for something because this is where your skills are being tested. It is the one that holistically shapes someone to excel.

Makeup by Claire Lingan ♥

Going back,  we just basically roamed around UP to shoot. I don’t know how to further explain how we work, but I did some pose dictations and took some photos for you guys to see. Also for remembrance, of course. Well, I’m glad that everything turned out well because Yna loved it. So thank you, God and thank you so much, Yna! Having been part of something like this was truly a moment to remember in my life as a Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist and it is all because of Yna’s help. The pictures of her first Behind-The-Scenes Pre-Debut Shoot are all posted on my facebook page. You could go check it out by typing in ‘Makeup by Claire Lingan’ and everything else will appear there.

Group Picture of me and some of the members of the 'THIS' family! 🙂

So after Yna had left, all we did was to just have an impromptu shoot by ourselves. Me and the ‘THIS’ Family also do take group pictures to remind us of a job well done. More pictures of what happened are to be posted soon in this blog, including the group picture, of course. So there you have it, that’s basically it, y’all. This is my Second Photo Shoot of Year 2012. Thank you so much for reading! So in case you need a team of photographers to cover your event, please check out their page. That is ‘THIS’ or ‘Trigger Happy Imaginative Studios’ on More details as to how to contact us is posted on my ‘Services’ page on this blog. Thank you! 🙂


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist

The Basics of Facial Contouring ♥


Image Source: Aucoin, 1997 p. 24 and


–          Contouring is something that describes the application for color mediums. It does not only denote light and dark areas, but it can also imply the emphasis derived from color and reflection.

–          Shading – This is a method by which a product is used to recede the areas of the face. The color of shading powders usually come in matte shades ranging from neutral brown to a deeper ash brown color. This may come in many forms such as liquid, powder and cream formulations.

–          Highlighting – A  method by which a product is used in order to bring forth facial features in order for it to look evident on the face by drawing or reflecting light after shading. Since these products are light reflective, they can range from bright pearly whites to matte beige shades. It also comes in liquid, powder and cream formulations.


  • Shade the product on the sides of the face using an angled brush. Blend away as you go along shading upward to the temple.  This will create an illusion of an slimmer forehead.


  • The key in contouring your chin and jaw is to always keep in mind that the end goal is to create an illusion of an oval face which is known to be the ideal face shape for people.
  •  In contouring one’s jaw, the contouring powder or bronzer must be applied underneath the jaw line using an angled brush. This will enable the product to blend in perfectly for that illusion of a slimmer face. Highlighting your chin will draw attention towards the center of your face. Again, this creates an illusion of one having slimmer facial features.


  • Highlighting under the eye area will draw attention into one’s eye makeup. This will enable the shadows to stand out. More so, it will emphasize the contoured facial features.
  • Highlighting under and over the brow bone area will draw light towards the face. Hence, it will extenuate one’s feature.  In this process, one must have a well-groomed pair of brows because this really does make or break one’s look.


  • The common misconception about contouring one’s cheekbones is for them to apply the product on the cheek itself by sucking it in to determine where the hallow itself is. However, the key in contouring one’s cheek properly is to locate where the cheekbone is and apply the shading powder underneath it. By slowly blending the product on the desired area, natural shadows will surface, bringing fort the desired illusion of a slimmer face.
  •  Highlighting over the contoured portion will again, draw light into the face making the shadows stand out.
  •  Placing a bronzer over the contoured portion extending up towards the temple will give it a more natural touch, bringing fort a natural glow on the face.


  •  In contouring one’s nose, one must always remember to keep it simple. One need not to heavily shade the sides of the nose because it will do away with the desired appearance of a naturally pointy nose and evident nose bridge.

a.)      Wide Nose

è  For people with a wide nose, one must shade the sides of the nose first to create an illusion of a slimmer nose. This line created upon shading the sides of the nose will give an illusion of having a nose bridge that will reduce the wideness. After which, highlight the portion in between the nose bridge to attract in light making the line look more natural.

b.)     Rounded Tip Nose

è  For people with a rounded tip nose, the key is to shade the rounded tip in order to create a softer appearance. This will reduce the roundness and give an illusion of having a pointy-looking nose. Again, do not forget to shade the sides of the nose and add highlighter in between the nose bridge extending upward to attract in more light

c.)      Long Nose

è  For people who have a long nose, very minimal shading is required on the part of the nose bridge. Concentrate in shading the tip of the nose to give it a shorter looking appearance. Shade the sides of the nose lightly and add in the highlighter only on the bridge of the nose.

d.)     Uneven Nostrils

è  For people who have uneven nostrils, the best thing to do is to lighten the higher part of the nostril or darken the lower area to achieve balance. Shade the sides of the nose lightly or darker depending on the width of the nose bridge. After which, highlight the bridge extending upward so there is minimal attention given to the uneven portion of the nose, thus adding more dimension to the face.


Center for Aesthetic Studies, Basic Makeup Artistry Handouts,  2011.

Modified by:

Ms. Claire Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist (CAS Batch 28) ♥


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist

First Photo Shoot of Year 2012 :)

Hey Everyone! I recently had my first Photo Shoot for this year at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City. You guys have no idea how happy I was that the shoot turned out to be a success because my friends, Marlo Ramos and Zha Arjinal agreed to accompany me to the shoot. They are both my stylist and hair stylist, by the way. Other than that, my Mom agreed to let me go on a shoot that day (Saturday, January 7, 2012). So on the day before

the shoot, I was scared that I wouldn’t wake up on time because I always find it hard to comply with my schedule, and this is something that I am working on this year.

Anyway, upon arriving to the shoot, after I had picked up Marlo and Zha at Trinoma, we met our Photographers. The one that was responsible in organizing the shoot, was the first photographer, Mr. Mike Mapua. He is the founder and president of Shutter Masters Photography Club in the Philippines. They cover events for weddings, debuts, fashion and other special events. Going back, the other photographers were Mr. Trick Ramirez, Mr. Allen Ros and Ms. Pia Hillario. I can’t mention here the full names of the models due to some privacy concerns, but their screen names are Hazel, Angelu and Trish.

On the course of doing the hair and makeup, we were all surprised because we had to do it in front of Mother Mary’s Grotto. It was funny because I didn’t know what grotto meant in the first place. (HAHA) So for anyone who does not know what a Grotto is, its a statue of Mother Mary located at anywhere or something like that. So on this part of the story, we just basically did our thing. Marlo and Zha went on to style Angelu’s Hair while I do Hazel’s Makeup. One thing that amazed the photographers was Marlo’s Hair Kit that contained a lot of bobby pins, hair clips, hair ties and everything hair related. Marlo had this amazing hair tool that she used for curling the hair without using any heat. She was assisted by Zha during this whole process of Hair Styling.


So for Hazel’s Makeup, I had to think of an Avant Garde look because it was requested by the Photographers. What I did with her makeup was to create an extended Fierce Cat-Eyes Look wherein the eye liner was tapered out on the inner corners of her eye, extending down to halfway on to her nose line. I filled the liner in with gold, bronze and silver glitter to make it more dramatic. For her lips, I just used my NYX LSS Lipstick in 636 Gardenia with a hint of gold glitter on the middle of her lip. This is to create more dimension and drama to the look.



Meanwhile, for Angelu’s Makeup, I just did the classic black smokey eyes with a twist. I added in silver glitter underneath her lower lash line, and gold glitter on her lid. While for the lips, I also just used the same lipstick. It amuses me how the lipstick tends to look different on each one of the models. I guess its because I went from Cool, Warm and Neutral skin tone, so the color registration varied. As for Trish, my last model, I just used the same lipstick and created an Angelina Jolie inspired Makeup Look. Since she had Caucasian features, I concentrated on contouring her face so her features would be more enhanced. I had no idea as to how my Hair Stylist and Stylists styled the models, but upon seeing the photos, I was deeply moved by their skills. So thank you so much, friends!

Just like in every shoot I have, we go to the extent of taking a group picture. This is to remind us artists that it was a job well done. Hence, the shoot was complete! I definitely had a blast with these people and I hope to update you guys with more shoots with them, of course. That’s all! Thank you so much for reading! 🙂


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist (CAS Batch 28) ♥