First Photo Shoot of Year 2012 :)

Hey Everyone! I recently had my first Photo Shoot for this year at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City. You guys have no idea how happy I was that the shoot turned out to be a success because my friends, Marlo Ramos and Zha Arjinal agreed to accompany me to the shoot. They are both my stylist and hair stylist, by the way. Other than that, my Mom agreed to let me go on a shoot that day (Saturday, January 7, 2012). So on the day before

the shoot, I was scared that I wouldn’t wake up on time because I always find it hard to comply with my schedule, and this is something that I am working on this year.

Anyway, upon arriving to the shoot, after I had picked up Marlo and Zha at Trinoma, we met our Photographers. The one that was responsible in organizing the shoot, was the first photographer, Mr. Mike Mapua. He is the founder and president of Shutter Masters Photography Club in the Philippines. They cover events for weddings, debuts, fashion and other special events. Going back, the other photographers were Mr. Trick Ramirez, Mr. Allen Ros and Ms. Pia Hillario. I can’t mention here the full names of the models due to some privacy concerns, but their screen names are Hazel, Angelu and Trish.

On the course of doing the hair and makeup, we were all surprised because we had to do it in front of Mother Mary’s Grotto. It was funny because I didn’t know what grotto meant in the first place. (HAHA) So for anyone who does not know what a Grotto is, its a statue of Mother Mary located at anywhere or something like that. So on this part of the story, we just basically did our thing. Marlo and Zha went on to style Angelu’s Hair while I do Hazel’s Makeup. One thing that amazed the photographers was Marlo’s Hair Kit that contained a lot of bobby pins, hair clips, hair ties and everything hair related. Marlo had this amazing hair tool that she used for curling the hair without using any heat. She was assisted by Zha during this whole process of Hair Styling.


So for Hazel’s Makeup, I had to think of an Avant Garde look because it was requested by the Photographers. What I did with her makeup was to create an extended Fierce Cat-Eyes Look wherein the eye liner was tapered out on the inner corners of her eye, extending down to halfway on to her nose line. I filled the liner in with gold, bronze and silver glitter to make it more dramatic. For her lips, I just used my NYX LSS Lipstick in 636 Gardenia with a hint of gold glitter on the middle of her lip. This is to create more dimension and drama to the look.



Meanwhile, for Angelu’s Makeup, I just did the classic black smokey eyes with a twist. I added in silver glitter underneath her lower lash line, and gold glitter on her lid. While for the lips, I also just used the same lipstick. It amuses me how the lipstick tends to look different on each one of the models. I guess its because I went from Cool, Warm and Neutral skin tone, so the color registration varied. As for Trish, my last model, I just used the same lipstick and created an Angelina Jolie inspired Makeup Look. Since she had Caucasian features, I concentrated on contouring her face so her features would be more enhanced. I had no idea as to how my Hair Stylist and Stylists styled the models, but upon seeing the photos, I was deeply moved by their skills. So thank you so much, friends!

Just like in every shoot I have, we go to the extent of taking a group picture. This is to remind us artists that it was a job well done. Hence, the shoot was complete! I definitely had a blast with these people and I hope to update you guys with more shoots with them, of course. That’s all! Thank you so much for reading! 🙂


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist (CAS Batch 28) ♥


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