Second Photo Shoot for Year 2012 ♥

Behind The Scenes Pictures From Today's Shoot. ♥

Hey everyone! I recently had my Second Photo Shoot of the year at UP Diliman courtesy of my friend, Yna Mendez for her debut. I had a pre-debut shoot in cooperation with Trigger Happy Imaginative Studios AKA ‘THIS’. The photographers and videographers responsible in making the shoot a success were Mr. Alexiz Taaca, Mr. Choy Palo, Mr. James Oliviera, and Mr. Billy Fajardo. I am their in house Makeup Artist, by the way.

Makeup by Claire Lingan ♥

The theme of her second pre-debut shoot was the ‘Simple Innocent Musician Girl’. They specifically asked me to do just a normal day makeup for the debutant. We didn’t want things to look top heavy since we were just going to take minimal photos and concentrate on doing video. Hence, I just basically contoured her  face to extenuate her features and gave her that sweet girl look. We didn’t take that much time to do the makeup because we were short of time, however based on the raw files that the photographers showed me, I guess it was a success. This is because I am not used to doing makeup in a short period of time since I like to take time evening out the look so it really does take time for me to do the makeup perfectly.

Claire Lingan's Makeup Train Case ♥

However, I feel like this is an area for me to improve upon since not all of my future clients will have the luxury of time to spare for hair and makeup. Nonetheless, I am still grateful that I was given a chance to be a part in a special event of someone’s life. I mean, its not all the time that I get to do shoots, hence I always make sure that I give my all in that specific project. No one would want to get someone who won’t work extra hard for them, right? I don’t know, I think its just rational to get someone who’d exert that much effort for something because this is where your skills are being tested. It is the one that holistically shapes someone to excel.

Makeup by Claire Lingan ♥

Going back,  we just basically roamed around UP to shoot. I don’t know how to further explain how we work, but I did some pose dictations and took some photos for you guys to see. Also for remembrance, of course. Well, I’m glad that everything turned out well because Yna loved it. So thank you, God and thank you so much, Yna! Having been part of something like this was truly a moment to remember in my life as a Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist and it is all because of Yna’s help. The pictures of her first Behind-The-Scenes Pre-Debut Shoot are all posted on my facebook page. You could go check it out by typing in ‘Makeup by Claire Lingan’ and everything else will appear there.

Group Picture of me and some of the members of the 'THIS' family! 🙂

So after Yna had left, all we did was to just have an impromptu shoot by ourselves. Me and the ‘THIS’ Family also do take group pictures to remind us of a job well done. More pictures of what happened are to be posted soon in this blog, including the group picture, of course. So there you have it, that’s basically it, y’all. This is my Second Photo Shoot of Year 2012. Thank you so much for reading! So in case you need a team of photographers to cover your event, please check out their page. That is ‘THIS’ or ‘Trigger Happy Imaginative Studios’ on More details as to how to contact us is posted on my ‘Services’ page on this blog. Thank you! 🙂


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist


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