Fourth Photo Shoot of Year 2012 :-)

Behind the Scenes of Last Saturday's Shoot 🙂

Last Saturday (January 21), I had my fourth Photo Shoot of year 2012 at UP Diliman. This was my friend, Sam’s Pre-debut Shoot in cooperation with ‘THIS’ (Trigger Happy Imaginative Studios) Photography. The photographers present in the shoot were Mr. Alexiz Taaca, Mr. Choy Palo and Mr. James Oliveria. Also with special appearance by the debutante’s photographer friend, Mr. Enzo Samonte. Her hair was styled by Ms. Marlo Ramos, my official partner in crime for my shoots and other bookings. My reason for posting this late is because I lacked sleep and I was infused with a really bad cold that came back prior to doing the shoot itself. I guess its because I am overworking myself.

My take on Avant Garde Makeup 🙂

Well anyway, I didn’t really have a chance to sleep the night before the shoot. This was because I really wanted to try doing some Avant Garde makeup on myself. I printed out a 14 page PEG for when I do makeup artistry. I really wanted to try doing some more of these looks to test my Makeup Artistry Skills. This is because I really am personally not a fan of Avant Garde, and that I would usually have the notion that I cannot do it. However, when I tried doing it, I was surprised by how inspired I am that I managed to create a look that I would want to actually share to this blog and to everyone else.So I finished taking almost a hundred photos of myself wearing that look at around 4:00am. After which, I uploaded a photo on Twitpic, removed my makeup, rested for a while and took a shower and change. Practically, I think I finished it all and slept at around a little pass 6:00am. To think that I had to wake up at around 9:30am to prepare for the shoot. Well, to be honest, I took the initiative of sleeping with my hair wet and already wearing my clothes for the shoot.So when I wake up, I am just ready to go. That’s one advice I can give  for when you are in a hurry because it really does save a lot of time and effort.

Hair by: Ms. Marlo Ramos 🙂

Makeup by Claire Lingan 🙂

Makeup by Ms. Claire Lingan and Hair by: Ms. Marlo Ramos 🙂

Marlo and I called in late for the shoot because Sam wasn’t also ready, and I still had to pick Marlo up at a nearby Mc Donald’s. We got at Sam’s condo at around 10:30am to do the Hair and Makeup of her pre-debut shoot. The shoot was scheduled to begin at around 1:30pm because we didn’t wanna shoot Sam under the blazing sun. On the course of doing the hair and makeup, Marlo did the princess-like big curls on her. She taught that it would match Samantha’s sophisticated themed shoot. Also, I did a purple smokey eye paired with a rosy pink lip color. Sam personally hasn’t tried on a purple shadow, so I thought of giving her that look so she’ll know how beautiful purple eye makeup looks on everyone else. I didn’t anymore bother to put false lashes on because her lashes were long and thick already. Nonetheless, I was glad that Sam loved her look and that she was already excited for the shoot.

Yummy Chicken From Manang's Chicken at Katipunan! 🙂

Yummy Fried Pancit from Manang's Chicken 🙂

After doing her hair and makeup, we went to eat at Manang’s Chicken at Katipunan. We wanted to fill our stomachs in before doing anything else. So I ordered a four piece chicken with rice, a macaroni salad and shared a fried pancit with Marlo. Sam just ate burger and fries since she wasn’t as hungry as we were. So immediately after eating, Marlo had to leave for she has some errands to do. I drove Sam to UP and met up with Enzo and the other photographers. I also did some minimal retouch on her so she’s ready to go. On this part of the story, I usually would just point out the idea that they just did their thing for when they do shoots. I stay with them until the shoot is over because I have to retouch Sam from time to time.

My other take on Avant Garde Makeup 🙂

At around 5:00 pm while we were shooting in front of Palma Hall, something came up to me and I suddenly just had the weirdest idea of doing an Avant Garde Makeup Look on myself. I know this sounds unreal to some, but I was literally doing my makeup there. I was sculpting a Cat-Eye and people were passing by. To think that all the Jeepney Drivers and Passengers are seeing me do a live Makeup Tutorial then and there. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed doing my makeup. I continued doing it inside the car because I had to pick up a couple more products to add to it. So after doing my makeup, I went to the Sunken Garden to meet up with the others. They were taking jump shots of Sam, and it was time for the group picture. We also ordered Taho courtesy of Kuya Choy.

Samantha at 18 🙂

They did minimal editing on Sam’s photos since her Mom was there already to pick her up from the shoot. I was so happy that Mrs. Umipig loved the photos. It was so heartwarming how she reacted to the shoot. I could now truly regard this one as a success. It was all thanks to ‘THIS’ (Trigger Happy Imaginative Studios) Photography, Ms. Marlo Ramos and Ms. Samantha Umipig for booking us. Also, Ms. Yna Mendez for recommending us. It was truly one shoot that I personally am proud of.

Well, that’s it! This is what happened during my Fourth Photo Shoot of 2012! I am indeed so blessed to have worked with these people. I will also try and upload a follow me around Vlog and update my YouTube Account once and for all as soon as possible. So thank you so much for reading! I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year from the bottom of my heart! Kung Hei Fat Choi! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Or as we say in Chinese, 新年快乐!! 🙂 恭禧發財!!! 🙂 Enjoy the year of the Water Dragon, y’all! 🙂


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist ♥


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