Fifth Photo Shoot of 2012 :-)

My Makeup Station πŸ™‚

Yesterday, I just had my Fifth Photo Shoot of 2012 courtesy of HEBE Manila Online Shop in cooperation with SteadyCab Productions. HEBE Manila messaged me the night before (January 27) asking me if I wanted to do a shoot with them. At first, I was hesitant because I still had a leadership seminar to attend to plus a Makeup Session with beauty blogger, April Perez. However, I just couldn’t resist missing out on such an opportunity. Lucky for me that on the day itself, my friends cancelled out on the leadership seminar. So it was truly a Makeup Saturday for me again.

One thing that I could honestly say about this is that I woke up late for the shoot. It totally slipped my mind that I wasn’t to go a seminar anymore and that I had to shoot. Fortunately for me, the location of the shoot was near my place s0 it wasn’t such a hassle that I woke up late and all that drama. So I arrived there at Camera Cart Studios at around 9:30am. I took a trike since I didn’t wanna waste gas going there. I could opt to walk, but I had too much stuff with me. Thankfully, my Yaya (household helper) accompanied me going there. So thank you so much, Yaya! You know I love you so much! :”> (Yes, she speaks English and also Chinese too! LOL!)

Paolo shooting Janelle while CJ and Nadine style Georgina's Outfit. πŸ™‚

Cat-Eye Makeup for Janelle Guiab πŸ™‚

Smokey Eyes Makeup for Georgina πŸ™‚

On the course of doing the hair and makeup. Nadine, the co-owner of HEBE Manila asked me to do a cat-eye makeup on the first model which is Janelle. All of them are my batchmates back in High School, by the way so that explains why I call them by their first names. Anyhow, I did a Cat-Eye Makeup on Janelle together with loose curls to punk up the look. I honestly am not that good in doing Hair so do not expect that I can do what my hairstylist, Marlo can do. So there, basically the picture above explains the look I did on her. I used my favorite Liquid Liner from IN2IT Cosmetics for this look. I am more comfortable with using liquid liner rather than that of gel liner because it gives out a more precised line and it looks more evident on Camera. Well, that’s my opinion on that. It is really up for a person to decide on what kind of liner they want to use. All that matters is how you apply it.

Going back, I did a neutral sultry smokey eyes on the next model, Georgina. Nadine also personally asked me to do that look on her. She didn’t want the makeup to go overboard for they will be modelling clothes. So I did a similar Makeup Look on my 3rd shoot with Industrial Students from my school. I paired it with a nude Lipstick from L’Oreal Paris and topped it over with a lipgloss from Elianto Cosmetics. I didn’t anymore do her hair for they wanted to keep it straight for contrasting purposes for the pair shots.

Georgina's fierce pose πŸ™‚

Erika directing Janelle of the Poses πŸ™‚

So for the part wherein they would take photos, I usually stay to retouch the model from time to time. Also, I would help dictate poses and just roam around and fix my stuff after ward. So Erika did the dictation of the poses while Nadine, Cj and Krizia wouldchange the outfit and accessories of the models. After which, Paolo would shoot them, and Joan takes charge of doing the BTS (Behind The Scenes) pictures. It was a maximum of 5 shots I suppose for each outfit. You could really see the determination of the stylists and the photographers during the shoot because of all them would run around just to match the outfits and all. It was really heartwarming how these ‘Young Professionals’ work as mentioned and seen by Erika (the one directing the pose), herself. I commend Miriam College High School for teaching all of us there in the shoot to be this patient in everything we do.Β That was such a sight to see and that is why I must say that this shoot was truly a success!

There you have it, that is my fifth shoot of 2012 thanks to HEBE Manila and SteadyCab Productions! Thank you so much for booking me, Cj Aquino and Nadine Narciso! Thank you so much for modelling and covering the shoot, Joan Sta Ana, Janelle Guiab, Gerogina Gonzales, Paolo Maddela, Krizia Jimenez, Kiko Abrillo and Erika Oyales! Thank you too for the food, guys!Β I definitely had fun shooting with you all! Also, thank you to God for such a wonderful opportunity! Β I truly can’t wait to see the launching of your newest collection! Β Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

If you have time, please do check out HEBE Manila’s Facebook Page together with SteadyCab Production’s Page! HEBE Manila sells amazing products and I am not saying this because I know them and they got me to do a shoot with them. I promise you all, you will love their products. Especially their shoes! Plus, SteadyCab Productions take such amazing photos and does outstanding video coverage! So check them all out by clicking the link below! πŸ™‚

SteadyCab Productions


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist β™₯


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