Sixth Photo Shoot of 2012 and MORE! :))

Me doing the makeup of some of my co-candidates for the elections ♥

Yesterday (February 1), I had my Sixth Photo Shoot of 2012 at my school, the University of Santo Tomas. This shoot was for our campaign poster for the upcoming AB Student Council Elections. Yes, to answer your question on whether I am running or not, I must admit that I am. I do intend to run for the position of the AB Student Council Auditor. I know that most and if not, all of my blog posts sound as if I am always on the road of doing Photo Shoots, Gigs, Sessions and more. However, I also am still a student. You can read in the ‘Know The Artist’ section everything about me and what I am doing with my life. For more details, you can also look up my twitter account (@bunny1622) for the things that I do every single day because I do tweet everything I do.

Anyways, prior to explaining what I would always say in all my posts about the shoots I have done, I’ll share to you this time what I learned from the First Day of February, 2012. So for this day, I had a Leadership Seminar to attend to at the Benavides Auditorium located at the UST High School Building together with all the other candidates of different colleges. The title of the event was, ‘So You Think You Can Lead’ hosted by the AISEC Committee and the Comelec. At first, I was hesitant to attend the meeting since I started feeling unwell the moment I woke up. However, I changed my mind and just went on to attend the seminar because I really wanted to get some answers on some questions bombarding my whole system. Fortunately, thanks to me changing my mind, I was able to meet and listen to the words of such an amazing speaker. Her name was Mrs. Celine Yu, and she was the first speaker to talk about Leadership per se. It amused me how she was able to impart to us what it means to be a true leader. Her ideas were in consonance with her faith in God and the experiences she had with relation with building up one’s self-confidence. I could write a whole blog entry just about all of the things I was able to learn from her, but I don’t want to deviate away from the norm of how I write my blog posts. Nonetheless, to summarize what I learned from her, I was able to grasp how one, as she said, should be “fit to serve”. She stressed out the idea that if one cannot or doesn’t dare manage his/her choices, then that person can’t and will never manage his/her life. You see, in everything we do, we are given a choice and how we make these choices will affect the rest of our lives. Hence, it is very important for one to ponder upon such a choice such a way that he/she will come up will be able to come up with an answer fit to what is in corollary with the will of the Lord. I know that sounds deep, but to put it in simpler terms; all a person has to do is to make careful decisions in life. Its easier said than done, but how a person goes through this is all that matters.

With my other co-candidates and the photographers. ♥

Going back to what this blog should be about, I had to leave the seminar early because I had to attend my regular classes. However, me and Marlo were called out to be excused for the campaign shoot. Yes, Ms. Marlo Ramos is also running for AB Student Council. She’s our candidate for Secretary. I know that this already sounds so hypothetical that we are running for public office considering that most of my blog posts pertain to both hair styling and makeup artistry. However, it is true that we are running for student council. So again, back to the shoot; Marlo and I were excused. I brought only a small kit for when I do their makeup. We just wanted a no makeup look for the shoot. This is to of course, promote the idea of simplicity and to advocate what it means to be a student leader. The photographers of the shoot were Mr. Victor Villanueva and Mr. Frey Gander. They both are also students from UST, by the way. As for the people I did makeup on, I started doing the makeup of Ms. Summer Cortez followed by Ms. Sofia Santiago, Ms. Arvi Sarmiento, Ms. Marlo Ramos and Ms. Majan Lazo. These girls, including myself and Mr. Patrick Bugarin who is our one and only male in the group are candidates for this year’s elections. I first won’t say what these people’s positions are in the group to add a bit of suspense to what will happen next. Nevertheless, I just basically did a ‘No Makeup Look’ on all the female candidates including myself for the shoot.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine-Free Foundation in 02 Nude Beige

If you would look at my skin on this picture, you'd see that one side is flaking off and that I am having lots of breakouts on my forehead. Oh, and I am alreadywearing the the Maybelline product here too, yet my skin is already repelling everything that the product can do. Hence, my imperfections are starting to show.. The photo was taken just last Saturday when I met up with my business partner, Ms. April Perez. She did my eye makeup here, by the way.

The reason why I added ‘..and MORE!’ to this blog post is because I will talk about my new skin care and foundation routine, plus my inspirational girl-bonding moment with one of my girl friends, Ms. Charis Antalan. She’s mostly present in all of my uploaded shoots, just in case anyone is wondering who she was. Anyways, I’ll start with my new skin care and foundation routine. So for skin care, I am hooked up with using Garnier Products now because I recently found out that I am allergic to the Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine-Free Compact Foundation. If you are following me on Twitter, you would know that I would usually tweet of having my skin consistently peeling off. What I didn’t know was that I was slowly starting to react negatively to the product. When I went to my dermatologist, I asked her why my skin was looking flaky and all that drama, and she answered by saying that I should check in with my foundation. However, thanks to my stubbornness, I refused to listen and went on to use the Maybelline Product because I love the coverage is has and the fact that its only Php 250 and the refill costs around only Php 150. Unfortunately for my case and my skin type, my skin started looking flaky only after four months of continuously using the product considering that I have really sensitive and oily skin. To cut the story short, I had to stop using the product right away since my skin was experiencing breakouts and my pores started looking all clogged up. Its sad though because I really loved the product, but I guess its just not fit for my skin type. So in case you use the same product, I really have nothing against it, its just that it gave me adverse effects in the long run.

Garnier Products that I started using! 🙂

Considering that I started looking extremely ugly in a sense, I was praying to find a solution to such predicament. Luckily, thanks to God’s wisdom, my friend, Ms. Zharmaine Arjinal recommended me to use Garnier. I noticed how radiant she looked like when she was using the same product, so I immediately took the initiative of trying it out. Good thing though that the product worked well on me because I was really in despair of fixing my skin.

So last Monday (January 30), we went to Mercury Drugstore at Espanya Avenue to purchase the Garnier Gentle Clarifying Foam together with the facial scrub that costs around Php 7.00 each. Zha already bought me the Garnier Whiten and Even Moisturizing Cream at Mini-Stop that costs around Php 29.00 each which is a little higher than the retail price which would be Php 22.00 each sachet, considering that she got it from a convenient store, it was inevitably going to be sold higher. Anyhow, after trying it for the very first time, it felt painful and stingy for reasons I don’t know. However, after another try, the sting went away and I figured that it was because my skin was trying to react to the product, and maybe it has already formed a good connection with it. So its a ‘YAY’ for that, right? By the way, I washed my face first using the foam, and spared the scrub for when I wash my face at home before I go to bed because I wanted to try it out too. Plus, I put over the moisturizer after washing and drying up my face.

New Foundation from IN2IT Cosmetics ♥

The following day (January 31), I tweeted that Zha bought me the other Garnier product; this time, it is the Light Complete Multi-action Whitening Cream Sachet (Php 14.00) which is responsible for removing pimple marks. After receiving the product, Zha and I went to the restroom to try it out. She told me to repeat the facial routine above this paragraph, and just apply the Light Complete after leaving the moisturizer out to dry for a few minutes. Again, I felt a sting because I was alien to the product, but as soon as I tried it all back home, the sting was gone and my face stayed Matte for the rest of the day. Well, prior to going home and trying out the product, I went to Crossings Department Store at Quezon Avenue to look for a new foundation to try. I really do not use liquid foundation that much because I find that it is such a hassle for me to use and bring. I got myself a product from IN2IT Cosmetics because originally, it was the brand of foundation that I use prior to Maybelline. You could see me mention it on some of my videos on YouTube before. Nonetheless, I tried their new product which would be the Shine Control 2-way foundation with Extra Cover, SPF 30 and its in the tone 02, Flesh. The product costs around Php 449.75 blending brush from E.L.F. Cosmetics that I picked since I misplaced mine before somewhere in which I do not even recall, costs around Php 129.75. I had to purchase a new foundation right away because of the shoot which would be the main topic of this blog post.

Things that I use for my foundation routine ♥

As for the foundation, and how I use it; I would first apply my Mary Kay Concealer in Ivory 1 mixed with the Beige 2 concealer since my color is in between of the two products, and just blend it out using my ring and middle fingers. This is to melt the product evenly on my skin, also to promote blood circulation. After which, I take my E.L.F. Studio Stippling Brush and set my face with the foundation. I find that its better to use a brush since the product is distributed evenly as compared to using just a sponge. Plus, the sponge accumulates bacteria, so its not really healthy to use on the face. So basically, that is my foundation routine. One thing that I find interesting about this new foundation that i tried out is that it has a great coverage and it doesn’t feel top heavy on the skin. Plus, I need not to retouch every time since its also long lasting in a sense so I think its a good product. I would definitely recommend this to you all to try, especially if you have oily skin like mine. Oh, just a reminder to those who are in to using Makeup Brushes, always spot-clean the brush after using. This will remove the extra product on the brush and will prevent bacteria from accumulating on it. Speaking of which, I am to also clean the brush after I finished writing this blog. I just use Baby Wipes as suggested by my friend and business partner, Ms. April Perez because its gentle and damp, so the product easily transfers to it leaving no harm to the brush itself.

With Marlo ♥

After yesterday’s shoot, before I called it a day, I accompanied Marlo to buy Simple Line Milk Tea at Dapitan that I love so so much because they sell the best Milk Tea in Black! Marlo got her usual Tapioca and we went back inside the school, to get Rice in a Box, after which I accompanied her to her debate training. It was for the Dialectics 2012 Debate Finals on Sunday, February 5. I was supposed to join this competition, but that’s a story I won’t expound on anymore since I am too constrained in having so much Makeup-related things to do. I don’t hate this or anything, its just my way of describing what’s going on with my life. So after I accompanied her going there, I went to the Tan Yan kee Building at UST to fix myself up before going to the mall. I originally planned to go to the mall and just stroll around to relax for I am really stressed out with everything else that I do. Its like my way of coping up with stress and all that kind of stuff. I don’t know, I just really like going to the mall.

Happy Lemon from Trinoma ♥

Mini Haul ♥

Anyways, I saw my friend, Charis there, and chitchatted until we both decided that we’ll go to the mall together and buy stuff. So basically, we went to Trinoma and got ourselves a Happy Lemon Tea and strolled around to shop at Landmark. I got myself this E.L.F Cosmetics Little Black Beauty Book with 48 different Eye Shadows (Php 399.75) and an eye shadow primer (Php 129.75) to go with it. Charis just got an E.L.F Studio 2-Way Foundation that costs around Php 249.75 because she needed a new powder. We also went to the Mac Counter because I am looking for a contouring powder, however I don’t seem to have anything that I would wanna buy. This is because they don’t have the shade that I want, and for that we went to SM North to check out Etude House. Unfortunately, Etude House Doesn’t have anything that I wanted. I was supposed to get an Eyebrow Pencil and a Lip Liner refill, but they were out of stock. Hence, I just got this Aloe Vera mask that costs around Php 58 each. After that, we went to Watsons, and I got the same Garnier Skin Care Products since I am really starting to like it.

With my friend, Charis at Trinoma and SM North. ♥

So after all the looking around and chitchatting at SM, we went back to Trinoma for my car was parked there and I wanted to get myself a copy of the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. Unfortunately, they don’t have it at any bookstore. Not even at Fully Booked, National Bookstore and Powerbooks! To add to that burden of not having what I wanted to buy, we saw that Mango had a 70% off sale, and I wanted to get a tank top but I didn’t have a size and the one that I wanted to buy was also out of stock. Nonetheless, its still alright because at least I was able to save on money and got a chance to bond with my friend. So I still consider the trip as something worth remembering. On this part of the story, I just dropped Charis of to her go-see and went home but before going home, she gave me this quotation that I really am thankful for. Its ‘Our Deepest Fear’ by Marianne Williamson which basically gave me the answers to some of the questions that I had on mind.

Our Greatest Fear by Marianne Williamson

Thus, I am really very thankful for that day because not only did I learn so many things, but I was also able to draw the line on where I should stand as a person, on what risks I should take and the decisions I make. Everything just fell right into place, and I have God and all my friends to thank for that. I really am blessed to have been showered with so many opportunities, and as a student-leader, I’d like to share these to others. One can never be a leader if he/she does not influence others to follow the path of righteousness. So there you have it, that is my blog about my Sixth Photo Shoot of 2012 and MORE! I hope you all had fun reading this and God bless you! ♥


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist ♥