OLAAAAAAAA! Its me again. I told you, I’ll try and update this blog from time to time. (LOL) Anyway, yesterday (December 09, 2012), I did a Bohemian Inspired Shoot  at the QC Memorial Circle with my good friend, Ms. Charis Antalan. She booked a fun shoot for me and her to do on a Sunday. We also kinda made it our chitchat day together since we haven’t really hanged out in such a long time. So this shoot was kinda like our very own bonding moment together. You know girls, they like to have their bonding sessions all pimped up by dressing up and such.

Ms. Mae Oropesa (Left), Mr. James Fadrillan (Red Shirt), and Mr. Ken Caliwanagan (Blue Shirt)

Mr. Mike Maravillo and Ms. Mae Oropesa

Ms. Charis Antalan

So basically, what happened was that she came over to my place to do makeup since I live a few blocks away from the location of the shoot. I won’t go over with what happened because its basically just the normal mantra that takes place here. Instead, I’ll just explain what I did to her face. The products I’ve used would be the “How To Look The Best At Everything – Flawless Complexion Makeup Kit” in the shade, Light. Since the product was a few shades lighter than her skin tone, I decided to mix it with my Loreal True Match Foundation in C7 to get an overall even color. The reason why the Benefit foundation kit was a few shades lighter was because it was of my personal use, but since I love Charis; I decided to try it on her. It works like magic, though because I didn’t have to retouch her face from time to time after using the “Pore Fessional – Pore Minimizer” tube that came with it. That product works like magic because it gives off such a flawless finish on the face. I really do recommend trying this one out. 🙂


A closer look on the hair and makeup 🙂

As for the eyes, I just went through to doing a sultry smokey eyes look. It was merely a mixture of brown shadows. I won’t go into detail on how its done in this blog, but I promise to try and make a step-by-step guide on how I did this. Going back, the main thing that’s noticeable in all Bohemian Makeup Look photographs was the eyeliner. So I went on to lining her eyes and setting it with black eye shadow. The darker the eyeliner on the waterline, the more bohemian looking it is. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with it. Just the right amount of eyeliner to bring out the Bohemian effect would do. 🙂 For the rest of the face, what I did was to contour her nose, cheeks, and jawline. This was to further enhance her facial features. I also added bronzer and an orange toned blush to match the look. I didn’t went on to lining the lips nor adding any lipstick for that matter. I just used my nude lipgloss over the tinted lipbalm from Etude House for this. In summary, the main goal of the look is to make the eyes stand out in subtle manner. Some Makeup Artists like their models to have really dramatic eyes for this look, but I decided to just make it as balanced looking and wearable in any way possible. As for the hair, I decided to just do a simple half ponytail braid. Its really hard for me to explain how I did it, but I just merely twisted the sides of her hair and braid it downwards.

Ms. Charis Antalan

Well, that’s it for the hair and makeup story portion of this shoot. I can say that what happens in every shoot is just the normal thing. You know, the one wherein models would pose to match the look and the photographer shoots it. However, the fun part of this shoot was wherein I got to style Charis’ look. I don’t know how to explain this part since I am not at all a stylist, but I guess the photographs below will speak for themselves. I’m sorry about that. I just don’t wanna throw some fashion tips just like that without the proper background to backup what I’m saying. Nonetheless, if I get better at it, I think I’ll try and blog about fashion ideas too. What do you think? Everything is worth a shot. 🙂





The photographers that I have worked with in the shoot were:

Me and Charis 🙂

To sum up this blog, I would thank these photographers for doing such a great job in photographing my beautiful friend, Ms. Charis Antalan. I also would like to thank Ms. Mae Oropesa for treating us out to dinner at Max’s Restaurant. It was indeed a pleasure working with all of you. I hope that I get to work with all of you again soon. More so, I would like to thank Charis for everything. She really does know how to make me smile. So thank you all for such a fun shoot! 🙂 Oh, and thank you too for reading this very long blog. If you need people to do makeup, modelling and photography, feel free to leave a comment down below. Thank you again and God bless! 🙂

Oh, and as you can see, my hair is two-toned because I have just recently indulged myself into removing my dark hair dye using Vitamin C. You can check out my detailed blog post about that by clicking the link below. Thank you! Ciao! 🙂


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan,Freelance Aspiring ProfessionalMakeup Artist ♥

Claire Stephanie P. Lingan,
Freelance Aspiring Professional
Makeup Artist ♥


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