Hey everyone! I am back with another blog post and this time, its about Spirulina and the numerous health benefits of this so called “superfood”. Hihi. I know this sounds quite odd coming from a beauty blogger but since the trend now focuses on the idea of health and wellness, I think its just right that I post a blog related to it as well. Besides, this can be beneficial to those people suffering from numerous skin deceases and the like. Who knows? This blog just might help you get that perfect skin paired with that super healthy and fit body, right? 🙂

So first of all, what is Spirulina? According to Joanne Marie (n.d.) of healthyeating.sfgate.com, “Spirulina is a type of blue green algae. These tiny, one-celled organisms are actually bacteria, not algae, but because they live in water, contain chlorophyll and are a blue-green color, they were originally classified as algae. Also called cyanobacteria, blue green algae such as spirulina are extremely high in protein nutrients. Besides being nutritious, spirulina may have additional benefits for your health.”

(Source: http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/spirulina-used-for-5489.html)

Now that you know what Spirulina is, let’s go to the good part where I mention some of the great health benefits this blue green algae brings us humans. As stated by Cathy Wong, ND (2013)  in her article entitled as,  Spirulina: Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects & More, “Spirulina contains a number of nutrients, including B-complex vitamins, beta-carotene, and vitamin E. Spirulina is high in protein and also contains antioxidants, minerals, and chlorophyll.”

Cathy Wong, ND (2013) also listed some of the Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects and Information about Safety purposes with regard to Spirulina which would include:

Health Benefits of Spirulina

  • 1) Allergies

    Spirulina holds some promise in the treatment of allergic rhinitis (nasal allergies), according to a research review published in 2009. Indeed, a previously published study of patients with allergic rhinitis found several benefits for spirulina consumption (including improvement in symptoms like nasal discharge, sneezing, congestion, and itching).

  • 2) Diabetes

    In a 2008 study involving 37 people with type 2 diabetes, researchers found that those assigned to 12 weeks of spirulina supplementation experienced a significant reduction in blood-fat levels. Spirulina benefits also included a decrease in inflammation and, for some patients, a decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • 3) Oral Cancer

    Spirulina may offer some protection against oral cancer, according to one small study of tobacco chewers with precancerous oral lesions. For 12 months, study members took either a daily dose of spirulina or a placebo. By the study’s end, the lesions cleared up in 20 of the 44 participants who’d consumed spirulina (compared to three of the 43 participants who’d been assigned to the placebo group).

  • 4) Weight Loss

    Despite widespread marketing claims that spirulina can suppress appetite, there is insufficient evidence to show that spirulina can boost weight loss.

    Common Uses for Spirulina

    Spirulina proponents claim that the benefits of spirulina include treatment and/or prevention of the following health problems:

    • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
    • cancer
    • fatigue
    • high cholesterol
    • viral infections

    Purported spirulina benefits also include weight loss and stimulation of the immune system.

    Side Effects

    Although few adverse effects are associated with use of spirulina, consuming spirulina may cause headache, muscle pain, sweating, and insomnia in some cases.


    As with all supplements, it’s also important to consult your health-care provider before using spirulina in combination with other medications and/or supplements.

(Source: http://altmedicine.about.com/od/completeazindex/a/spirulina.htm)

Now that you know some of the health benefits this blue green algae brings to us, let’s go ahead and start on the review. If you are following me on Instagram and Twitter, you’d know that my boyfriend, Patrick recently got me a bottle of Spirulina manufactured by Puritan’s Pride.  The product information will be listed below via pictures so you will have a better idea of what this product looks like and  what its claims are.

IMG_0249 IMG_0251 IMG_0252 IMG_0253

So on my first day of taking this product, I have consumed 3 tablets 30 mins prior to taking my first meal. This is because some claim that this suppresses your appetite naturally. So going into the bandwagon, I decided to follow that and take it as is. After 30 mins, inevitably I ate my first meal and I didn’t pretty much feel anything. Why so? Its because I portion control my food intake on a daily basis and I do count my calories as well. Basically, the 30 mins before meals didn’t really pretty much do anything to me. However, after eating, like about 3 hours later, I felt really excited and energetic. It was as if someone had injected some kind of energy boost to my system. Thus, I began to read on the product and there I found out that it also boosts your energy level. I guess that’s a pretty good thing though if you are also into fitness because loads amount of energy really is what you need to keep you going. Moving on, I took again the same 3 tablets 30 mins before my next meal and I felt the same as well. I can’t really claim that it will suppress your appetite because again, I do count my calories. Nonetheless, what I can say is that it really makes you energetic throughout the day. I honestly do not follow the normal dosage of this product which would be 9 tablets a day simply because I want to save on the supplement and consume it on a longer period of time. That is why I cut down on my intake of this product and just took in about 6 tablets daily. Two days after taking in the same product with pretty much the same dosage, I began to feel the need to visit the restroom the moment I wake up and before going to bed. I guess its because it has somehow aided my body in the removal of unwanted toxins. Hence, making my visit to the restroom worthwhile.

So there you have it, that would probably just be my personal view on this blue green algae. I am still trying to see what other changes it may bring to my body in the long run. Yes, that would be basically what this blog will contain because I just really wanted to share my experience on this and well, hear from you guys if you also have had the same experience with this product or with Spirulina per se.


YES, I do recommend that you take in Spirulina IF AND ONLY IF YOU HAVE CONSULTED YOUR DOCTOR OR LOCAL PHYSICIAN ABOUT IT. I personally do not want to recommend something that does not work or may bring people numerous side effects. Hence, I always research on the product before I write about it. However, if you are experiencing what I have listed above and you think this will be helpful to you, I suggest that you purchase this bottle or the drug itself manufactured by a different company.

Well that is about it, people! I will list below some websites wherein you guys could get additional information about Spirulina. You guys can check it out when you have the time. That’s all for now. Thank you for reading! I hope you found this information very helpful. Hit me up on the comment bar below if you want me to do a review on a certain product and what not! 🙂


Thank you so much again for reading and God bless you always!



Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist ♥

Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist ♥