Hey everyone! I am back with another one of my informative product review blog posts just to keep you guys updated with the products that I am currently using as of the moment. If you have been a follower of my blog up to this very moment, you would know that I have posted a skin care routine way back in December of 2013. Well, inevitably as time goes by, we have to somehow upgrade and use a different product or variations of that same brand of product. So as for this blog, I am going to share with you a quick review on Eskinol’s Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser with Dermaclear Formula. So let’s start, shall we? πŸ™‚

Based on my previous blog, I have shared with you about the other type of Eskinol Product that I was using. It was theΒ Eskinol Classic White Facial Deep Cleanser that I love to death now after using it for 2-3 months already. I mean, that product literally removes all the dirt in your face. Its that good, I swear. That’s why I had to repurchase and repurchase until I landed on this other version which includes that Pimple Fighting action I was looking for. As you know, I have been battling out with acne for the longest time ever since I went on a weight loss program. I will not go into detail with that anymore and just link my Updated Skin Care Routine blog down below in order for you to have an idea what I am talking about. πŸ™‚


Going back, I will now list down the unthinkable benefits that this product has as claimed by the company:

  • Removes deep seated dirt, excess oil and makeup with Micro-cleanse Anti-bacterial Formula
  • Dries up pimples in as early as 3 days* with Dermeaclear Formula which contains Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Extracts
  • With Vitamin B3 to lighten Pimple Marks. *Based On Clinical Tests

Given all that is listed above, I will now give you a little background on what Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Extract and Vitamin B3 is all about.

Salicylic Acid

According to Helen Allen (2012), “Salicylic acid is used for a number of different skin conditions caused by thickened, hard skin, such as warts, psoriasis, scaly skin conditions, and some nail infections. It is a keratolytic, which means that it works by softening the outer layer of your skin allowing it to loosen and shed”.

Furthermore she stated that, “Salicylic acid is applied directly to the area of skin affected. There are a number of different formulations and strengths of salicylic acid available which can be purchased at pharmacies, or may be prescribed for you by your doctor. Which preparation is suitable for you will depend upon the type of skin condition you have, and the area of your body which is affected.”

For more details, please check out her post by clicking the link below:

Tea Tree Extract

According to Cathy Wong (2013), “Tea tree oil is anΒ essential oilΒ obtained by steam distillation of the leaves ofΒ Melaleuca alternifolia, a plant native to Australia.” Furthermore, Wong (2013) stated that,Β Tea tree oil contains a constituent called terpinen-4-ol that is thought to be responsible for most of tea tree oil’s antimicrobial activity. Because tea tree oil can kill bacteria, applying topical tea tree oil to acne lesions has been thought to destroyPropionibacterium acnes, the skin-dwelling bacteria that is involved in the development of acne”.

For more details, please check out her post by clicking the link below:

Vitamin B3

According to Asian Spa Product (n.d.),”Commonly known as Vitamin B3, Niacinamide at 2% has been shown to reduce water loss in the skin and retain fatty acid levels (younger, plumper, firmer skin). It has also been proven at high concentrations (between 3-4%) to be a very effective acne reducer.Β Vitamin B3 is also an excellent skin lightening agent that works by disrupting the transfer of melanosome from the melanocyte to the keratinocyte.”

For more details, please check out the link below:

So now that you have a background on what this product contains, I think this product probably is a must have in your beauty essentials kit. Why so? its because the 75ml bottle that I have on hand is relatively below Php 40 at any Mercury Drugstore making it relatively cheap as compared to other facial cleansers. However, the benefits are as awesome as a branded one, based on what is listed above. I mean, personally after using the product after washing my face, I see how all of the dirt comes off so well with just one cotton ball. Conversely, I have also mentioned in the previous blog that IΒ Β I do wash my face again after letting it sit for 10 mins because I want to have a cleaner face before applying any other product. Nonetheless, I saw that after like a week of using this product, my acne marks were really lightening up and I don’t have that much pimples anymore. That’s why I really love it. Hands down, its amazing. (NOT A SPONSORED OPINION, OKAY?) πŸ™‚

So I hope that you find this blog post as informative as possible. If you have anymore questions or what not, feel free to comment down below. I will again accept them once I log into my blog and respond to them as well (of course). So there, if you find that this product simply does not work for you or it has done some adverse effects on your skin, you can opt not to purchase it. I am just sharing this because it has helped me a lot with my skin condition. It is really all up to you to find out what product works well for your skin type. πŸ™‚ Well, good luck with that and I hope to make another blog post as soon as possible! Take care and God bless you always! πŸ™‚



Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist β™₯

Claire Stephanie P. Lingan,
Freelance Aspiring Professional
Makeup Artist β™₯



    • I think hindi ka hiyang dun sa product kaya ka nagkapimples. Ganyan din ako nung nagtry ako ng ibang version ng Eskinol eh. I suggest na discontinue mo na and consult your derma agad to prevent the damage from getting bigger. πŸ™‚

      • kaya kaya nitong mag remove ng pimples in just 1 month ? Actually moderate acne lang siya…

      • Hindi agad-agad. Syempre madaming factors yan. Kailangan mo tignan kung hiyang ka ba sa product at kung ano yung nararapat para sa skintype mo. It doesn’t necessarily mean na pag ginamit mo, kikinis ka agad-agad. It takes time.

      • 1stime q po gumamit a prone acne and oily skin..1st night q po syang ginamit din in 2nd night my tumubo pong maliliit n pimple n parang nana po sya perk maliit sa nose q..ok lang po b un?

      • Hmm.. I think istop mo muna yung gamit. Baka kasi hindi ka hiyang sa product kaya ka nagkapimple agad. Pero kung sa isa mo pang beses na pag gamit ng product at hindi ka nagka pimple, then siguro its safe to use it na. Basta tignan mo lang kung paano magrereact yung skin mo dun.

  1. I was advised by a friend to try eskinol facial cleanser with lemon extracts to clear spot marks on my face but my worry is this product might end up bleaching my face,,could this be true?
    Is there any eskinol product that can remove scar marks resulting from a scratched pimple?
    And where in Nairobi Kenya can these be purchased?

    • If there is a Filipino store in your place, you could come check that out to see if this product is available. Also, you could opt to buy it online. It costs about a $1 for a small bottle. 🐱

  2. This is a product a friend of mine is using and I haven’t seen her get a zit. I’ve tried it to but I only use it whenever I feel a pimple is about to break-out and the good news is my pimples didn’t have the chance in getting into surface.

      • There is really nothing wrong with using a night cream after you have cleansed your face with Eskinol. For as long as you do not experience any kind of allergic reaction, then you’re good to go. πŸ™‚

  3. How often do you use this? i mean ilang beses sa isang araw? may friend kasi ako eto lang din ginagamit grabe kinis na ng balat nya pang artistahin na

    • I use it 3-4x a week. Depending on how many breakouts I have. I do not really use them on a daily basis anymore because I have read somewhere that astringents damage your skin in the long run if you keep using them.. We should also let our skin breathe. That’s why I changed how I use them. πŸ™‚ Pero its good na your friend has an artistahing kutis because of the product. It really does wonders, I suppose. 😊😊😊

  4. Bakit po mga 2 to 3 weeks ko na siya gnagamit parang dpa ata natatanggal pimples ko? Eskinol pimple fighting facial wash and cleanser na gnagamit ko. Nawawala na ung iba pero may pumapalit na tumubo agad na pimples ko.

    • Hmm.. I think its not an effective product for you.. Or perhaps its also because of your eating habits. Do you eat oily food? Or are you putting any other facial product? :O

      • My friend said that eskinol can remove pimples. I tried Eskinol papaya but it didnt work. Well I try this Eskinol Pimple fighting if it really works, I will buy this coming nov. 2 at pharmacies. πŸ˜ƒ

      • Uhmm. Good afternoon po .. I’m using the same product that you are using for almost 4 years .. At naging effective naman xa .. Pero nashock nalang ako nung finals na ng 2nd sem namin .. Ehh .. Nag pop yung mga pimples ko sa cheeks .. And Hindi naman ako natutubuan ng pimple sa cheeks . only at the forehead .. Tapus I continue to use the products pero . mag one month na . do parin na cucure young pimples ko .. Worried na talaga ako .. And I want to treat them as soon as possible .. Kahit sa loob ng 1 to 2 weeks …. πŸ™‚ please help po … And o can’t go to a dermatologist kasi po lack of budget .. Thank you po and god bless.. :*

      • Try Pysiogel Cleanser and Cream or Cethaphil. Mas okay yung dalawang yun kasi gentle sila sa skin natin. Also, tignan mo rin kung nakakairitate ba sayo yung shampoo na ginagamit mo. Also, watch your food intake. Iwasan ang oily foods and eat meals that are rich in fiber. Try to detoxify first para macleanse yung system mo. Let me know how this will workout for you.

  5. Am? D naman po ako naglalagay ng ibang product. Tsaka minsan lang po ako kumain ng oily food.. pero kasi dati gumamit na ako nitong pimple fighting facial cleanser mga 2 years aga na, nawala ung pimples ko nun kuminis mukha ko pero nung tinigilan ko pag.gamit, tas eto na madami na ulit. Tas gumagamit ulit ako pero parang dna sya umeeffect, ayaw na ata ng face ko.

  6. Eskinol + Gluta C try niyo po yan. Gluta c ang nagpapaputi at eskinol ang naglilinis ng dumi and ang result pinkish white skin ang labas and pimple free ka pa. Pinkish kasi dahil sa matapang ang eskinol kaya minsan nakakapula πŸ™‚ Try niyo po ito po ginagawa ko.

  7. Nakukuha din ba nito ang mga blackheads and whiteheads?….having problems on that kasi..medyo large pores na din..
    May ikaka suggest ka bang product?

  8. 2 days ko pa lang gnagamit ‘yung eskinol. may lumabas na puti dun sa pimples ko. Is it normal? Ang ibig sabihin ba nun ay nagdradry lng ‘yung pimples ko? Btw, I’ve been using ponds rin pala.

  9. elow po im worrying na about my pimples..maliliit kc sya and 1 year na ata tong pimples..ko sensitive kc sya masyado…i want to try pimple fighting cleanser if effective sya…maliliit kc ang pimples ko hindi sya kagaya ng iba na malalaki….help me po..

  10. How to use properly po ba tlaga un fighting pimples..once ko lng po kcng nkaligtaang gmitin ngaun…ang dami n agad tumutubo…

  11. Hi po. Im 15 years old na po. At Gumamit din po ako nyan nun pero tinigilan ko w/o valid reason. Pero massbi ko nmn pong effctve sya s kin. Ngaun po ngkapimples po ako sa cheeks at lumaki un. Hindi ko po naiwasang hindi putukin gmt ang nails ko. Nagkascar po sya ng mlki at ganun din po ung nangyri sa mga sumunod na pimples ko. Katabi lng po nung unang ngkascar. So ngaun marmi n po akong mllking scar sa cheeks. My mom suggested na haluan ko dw ng mx3 capsule ung eskinol pimple fightng. Sa ngaun po un ang gngmt ko mga 3 days p lng po sgro. Help me nmn po kung may alm po kaung mas makakatulong sa akin. Thnk u po

    • Hello Rosel! How did the Mx3 capsule work for you? Okay naman ba siya? Kasi ang masusuggest ko para sa pimples mo is this product pero pagka di naman siya ganun karami, pwede kahit gentle facial wash nalang ang gamitin mo or yung Dove beauty bar. Madami namang options. Mahirap kasi yung nagttry ka lang ng product tapos di naman pala siya okay sa skin mo, mas okay na yung sigurado para alam mo na di ka magkakaaallergic reaction or whatsoever.

  12. pwede ba sakin yung eskinol 15 years old na kasi ako e.
    tas yung pimples ko malilit lang d katulad ng iba malaki at pagtumagal unting unti na lumalabas yung puti parang puputok na.
    karamihan sakin sa pimples puro malilit at yung iba parang nangingitim na. mawawala ba ang mga ito kapag gumamit ako ng eskinol

    • Pwede siya mabawasan pero di siya totally mawawala. Syempre, kailangan mo rin ng magandang facial wash. Lalo na yung gentle sa skin kasi teenager ka palang. Try mo yung Dove Beauty Bar. Maganda ito tapos sobrang gentle pa. Hindi siya harsh sa pimples. Also, try mo narin yung Olay Natural White para maglighten yung pimple marks mo. Hindi siya greasy sa face kaya okay siya iapply after mo magwash.

  13. Hi! I’ve been using eskinol for more than a year na actually hahaha but lately, it’s not working on my face anymore. Wala lang nangyayari, andun parin. buti nalang hindi kagaya ng ibang cases, instead na mag dry ang pimples, dumadami pa. 😦

    • Hello. Maybe hindi ka hiyang dun sa product. Kung nakikita mo na dumadami na pimples mo, stop mo na yung use. Gumamit ka nalang ng gentle facial cleanser such as Cetaphil.

  14. Hello po I plan to use eskinol this week. I am only 12 Years old ano po yung pwede kong gamitin na formula and I have acne for past 5 months pa lang po and I am being embarassed by my acne as my appearance. and I am worried this next school year sa id picture namin.. please po help

    • Hello. Wag ka matakot at mahiya kung may acne ka. Normal yan lalo na pagkatungtong natin sa puberty. Pero kung gusto mo mawala ito, try to use a gentle cleanser para di mabigla yung skin mo. Baka kasi pag gumamit ka ng Eskinol, baka lumala lang ito. Try mo yung Dove beauty bar sa face, maganda ito tapos sobrang gentle pa sa skin.

  15. hi i have a dry black skin and my face have acne so may i use the eskinol? if yes which one type advice me? pimple fighting cleanser or classical white

    • 13 years old lang po ako and my face is full of pimples actually sa ilong po talaga ako tinutubuan ng malalaking pimples then yung sa noo, cheeks and baba maliliit lang po yung pimples. Di pa po ako nagamit ng Eskinol kasi di ko po alam kung pwede na saakin kasi 13 years old palang ako. Natatakot po kasi akong itry baka po kasi lalong lumala by the way, pwede na po ba sakin yung Eskinol? Kahit 13 years old palang po ako?

      • Hello. Pwede mo naman siya itry pero siguro kahit mga one week muna. Baka kasi pagka palagi mo siyang gagamitin, dumami yung pimples mo. Common naman ang pagkakaroon ng pimples when we reach puberty. Basta wag mo lang ioveruse and tignan mo yung effect niya sa skin mo. Also, mas okay parin kung magcoconsult ka sa dermatologist para makita mo kung ano ba ang nagcacause ng pimples mo.

    • Depende kasi yan sa skintype mo, at kung may pimples ka ba or what. Yung Dalacin C kasi nakakatulong siya sa pagremove ng pimples natin. Kung Eskinol, nakakakinis ito ng face at nakakalinis din siya.

    • Hello! Pwede mo naman siya ihalo dun. Wala namang kaso pag ginawa mo yun. Ang the best parin sa pimple marks natin is yung mga whitening creams. Madami namang different brands to choose from, pwedeng Olay, Ponds, Garnier, Kojic and whatsoever. Mas nakakatulong kasi ang cream sa paglighten ng pimple marks. At nakakasmooth din siya ng skin tapos very moisturizing pa.

  16. Hi i wont use ur product eskinol bcoz my skin is oily and get pimple and some marks also… which procduct shal i used to deduce marks and controloil.. plz reple

    • Hello. If Eskinol doesn’t work for you, you could always try other facial cleansers in the market. Neutrogena has one that’s really good. Also, you could try some other products that are very gentle on the skin since you seem to have very senstive skin. There are quite a lot to choose from, just find what works well for you. πŸ™‚

    • Hello. Mas effective parin ang pag gamit ng mga whitening facial cream pag sa mga pimple marks kasi kapag cleanser lang, usually ang ginagawa niya talaga is linisin yung face natin. Pero pag cream naman, it smoothens out our complexion and adds some glow to it. Kaya mas okay siya gamitin. Madami namang different brands to choose from. Hanapin mo nalang yung magwowork well sa skintype mo.

  17. Heeeyy. Can I use this product then ? Im a 14 years old girl and meron akong pimples na dumadami sa noo ko then pag napop naman sila eh nagkakaroon ng marks.

    • Hello! Yes, you can use this product. Pero wag palagi ha kasi baka mamaya magka allergic reaction ka lalo na at teenager ka. Syempre dumadaan tayo sa puberty stage kaya prone ka talaga sa pimples. When dealing with pimple marks naman, its best na gumamit ka ng cream para maglighten ito. Madami namang products na available sa market. Hanapin mo nalang kung saan ka hiyang.

    • It depends sa cleanser na gagamitin mo. Yung iba kasi nakakaopen ng pores. Ang magandang beauty regiment para dyan is magrub ka ng ice sa face mo kasi yung coldness nito nakakatulong sa pagsarado and pag tighten ng pores.

  18. Sakin po may dalacin c ang eskinol pimple fighting ,bkit tumutubo parin sya ayaw matanggal pabalik balik po sya..kng may nawala bumabalik nman sya..advice naman po

    • Siguro hindi ka hiyang dun sa product. Stop mo muna yung pag gamit nito kasi baka mamaya mas lalo ka magkapimple. Try mo gumamit ng gentle facial cleanser muna like Cetaphil para hindi bugbog yung skin mo sa product.

    • Yung featured product nakakalighten ng pimple marks, pero mas okay parin na gumamit ka ng mga whitening cream. Maganda ang Olay Natural White, kasi nakakalight siya and di siya greasy sa skin.

  19. pimple prone po ako tas oily skin den . anu po gagamitin ko ? nakakalito lng po kase πŸ˜€ tsaka po morning and evening po ba sya gagamitin ?

    • Hello. Pagka oily kasi ang skin mo, mostly prone ka sa pimples. Kung hiyang ka naman sa product na ito then pwede mo siya gamitin sa morning and evening. Wala namang problem dun. Basta tignan mo muna kung paano magrereact yung face mo sa product.

  20. Is is true that if you discontinue using eskinol or any facial cleanser, you’ll get a lot more pimples and your face will be worse?
    this is why i don’t use them
    they say that if you try, you can’t stop

    • Not necessarily because it really depends on your skintype. So if you overuse a certain product, you might get some allergic reaction to it. Same as not using it that often. You should also watch your diet when dealing with acne because facial cleansers and cream only target what is above the skin, and not really what’s going on inside our body. Some of our pimples show up due to our lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits. So its best to look at it as a whole rather than focusing only on the pimples itself.

  21. Hi I just would like to ask if I can use this product even though I am only 15? Then nag wo work po ba siya sa acne? Parang mild lang naman po yung mga pimples ko. πŸ™‚ thanks!

    • Hello. Pwede naman siya sayo pero syempre, depende parin kung paano mo siya gagamitin. Kung palagi, baka magka allergic reaction ka. Mas okay kung occasional mo siya ilalagay sa face. Also, mas maganda na sabayan mo ng gentle facial cleanser para di mabugbog yung skin mo.

    • Hello. Pwede ka gumamit ng whitening cream para sa dark spots. Mas nakakatulong kasi ito mag lighten nun kaysa yung cleanser alone lang. Pwede mo itry yung Garnier, Ponds, or Olay.

    • Ngayon, hindi ko na siya masyado ginagamit kasi wala naman akong pimples as of the moment. Ang gamit ko nalang ngayon is Cetaphil or Dove Beauty Bar sa face tapos nagapply ako ng Olay Natural White na cream after washing my face.

  22. my face is formed with holes after pimples broke out , will this product help me in recovering my pimple effected area , and which product would u suggest for the complete treatment

    • Hello! I would suggest that you check this with your dermatologist first in order to prevent your acne from coming back. What I can only suggest are creams and gentle facial moisturizers and scrubs.

  23. Marami na akong Ginamit na Product Pero walang paren Epeckto sa Mukha ko , e try kunarin yung eskinol , anung mayayari pag ginamit koto First time , Pls reply back , Thanks ^_^

  24. Hi im boy and im 17 years old but dis coming oct. 26 im running to 18 yo!
    Ahmmm my problem to my face maraming acne specially in cheeks at sa noo then pag namatay na yung pimples umiitim sya…ano dapat gamitin ko para mawala na ung pimples ko!!

    • Hello Jayson. Ano ba yung nilalagay mo sa muhka mo pagka nagkakapimple ka? Pwede mo naman yan gamitin. Pero syempre di naman lahat mawawala sa Eskinol. Kailangan may facial wash ka parin o di kaya mga cream. Sa mga lalaki, maganda daw yung Master’s Deep Facial cleanser. Yung nasa TV. Pwede mo yun gamitin. πŸ™‚ try mo lang.

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