ALL ABOUT LAXATIVES (Biguerlai Tea and BioFit Tea Review)

Hey everyone! I am back with another informative blog post. This time, its all about Laxatives or otherwise known as Purgatives. The reason behind me writing about Laxatives would include the fact that summer is just around the corner here in the Philippines. This is because summer practically starts as soon as classes are over and that can be as early as March. Well, considering its almost summer, slimming products are a must have during this time of the year because almost everyone wants to look good in that bikini or beach body. I mean, hello? Who doesn’t want to look good even in their birthday suit, right? That’s why I decided to write about a  common slimming product that most Filipinos use during summer. Since that’s the case, I handpicked two of the most popular slimming teas, which would be none other than Biguerlai and BioFit Tea. 🙂

I don’t know with you but most Filipinos really turn to Laxatives during summer time, and this blog basically aims to explain the reason why. Also, this blog aims to at least provide a general background about Laxatives and how it should be used properly and what not. So shall we get started?

So first off, what is a Laxative?

According to Amber J. Tresca (2013) of, “A laxative is any substance that affects the intestines in a way that facilitates a bowel movement. For mild constipation, a natural laxative or a bulk-forming laxative might be helpful in promoting a bowel movement.” Moreover, Tresca (2013) added that, “Laxative medications are typically given in liquid, pill, or suppository form and may be prescribed to treat constipation that is not responding to other treatments. The use of laxatives (except bulk-forming laxatives) on a regular basis is typically not recommended, except in certain circumstances and on the advice of a physician. A physician will be able to make the determination as to which laxative will be most effective in each particular case.”

Now that you know what Laxatives are, let’s now move on to the Different Types of Laxatives which would include the following:

Tresca (2013) indicated in her article the several types of laxatives are available over-the-counter in drug store such as:

  • Bulk-forming laxatives (such as FiberCon, Metamucil, and Citrucel) are made of a type of fiber that is not absorbed by the intestine, but instead passes through it. This has the effect of absorbing water and softening stool, which makes having a bowel movement easier. Bulk-forming laxatives can be safely used long-term.
  • Emollient laxatives called “stool softeners” allow more fat and water into the stool, which makes the stool softer and easier to pass.
  • Lubricant laxatives, such as mineral oil, work by coating the stool in an oil, which makes it difficult for water to be withdrawn. The extra water helps to keep the stool soft.
  • Hyperosmotic laxatives, such as milk of magnesia or Epsom salt, aid digestion by causing more water to be drawn into the intestine to keep stool soft.
  • Stimulant laxatives, such as castor oil, cause the movement of the intestines (peristalsis) to speed up, and stool is passed through at a faster than normal rate.
  • Natural laxatives are foods that tend to have mild laxative properties, such as prunes. Other foods that may help relieve constipation include prune juice, figs, licorice, rhubarb, and foods that are high in fiber.

Now that you know what the different types of Laxatives are, let’s move on to the common side effects that this drug has. I will also indicate the possible consequences this poses to people who are using them for weight loss.


The website NHS.UK (n.d.) stated that Laxatives can cause side effects, which vary between the different types.

For example:

  • bulk-forming laxatives can cause bloating and flatulence (wind)
  • stimulant laxatives can cause abdominal (tummy) pain; using them for long periods of time can result in a weakened or ‘lazy’ bowel
  • osmotic laxatives can cause abdominal pain, bloating and flatulence
  • stool softener laxatives can cause abdominal cramps, a feeling like you are going to be sick (nausea) and a skin rash

Make sure you stay well hydrated when taking laxatives by drinking plenty of fluids. At least two litres (six to eight glasses) of water a day is recommended.

Less common side effects include:

  • being sick (vomiting)
  • dizziness – do not drive or use tools or machinery if you feel dizzy
  • passing blood out with your stools
  • fainting

If you experience any of these less common side effects then stop taking the laxatives and contact your GP for advice.

Avoiding long-term use

In most cases, you should only take laxatives occasionally and on a short-term basis. Using laxatives frequently or every day can be harmful.

Using laxatives on a long-term basis can make your body dependent on them, so your bowel no longer functions properly without the medication.

Overusing laxatives can also cause:

– diarrhoea

– dehydration

– unbalanced levels of salts and minerals in your body

If you need to use laxatives more regularly, or if you have been taking them for more than a week, see your GP for advice.


The website, (n.d.) indicated that the other serious possible consequences from taking laxatives to lose weight are:

1. Stomach Cramps

Laxatives can cause painful stomach cramps. Because of this, it is important to choose a gentle laxative that specifically states that is does not cause cramps.

2. Nausea

Laxatives can cause nausea in some people, which is an uncomfortable feeling that can last for up to 3 days after taking a laxative.

3. Vomiting

Vomitting can occur with laxative use because the medication in the laxatives upset the lining in the stomach.

4. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common side effect of laxative use. This is dangerous because it can lead to dehydration.

5. Rectal bleeding

Frequent laxative use can cause rectal bleeding. This is a side effect of frequentbowel movements and/or diarrhea.

6. Fainting

Fainting can occur with laxative use. This normally happens when a person becomes very weak from diarrhea and dehydration.

7. Dizziness

Laxative use can cause dizziness. Again, this side effect is usually caused by dehydration.

8. Electrolyte Imbalance & Dehydration 

Electrolytes are important to the functioning human body. Laxative use causes loss of important electrolytes such as potassium, calcium, and sodium. A long-term electrolyte imbalance can lead to an electrolyte disorder. Some of the symptoms of an electrolyte imbalance include muscle fatigue, mental changes, cramping, irregular heart beat and even death. Also, chronic diarrhea creates a loss of water which can lead to dehydration, which is a life threatening situation. Dehydration can cause weakness, blurry vision, fainting, kidney damage and death.

9. Damage to Intestinal Functioning

Consistent use of laxatives as a method for dieting can cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract, which can be permanent. Chronic use of laxatives can lead to a loss in the proper functioning of the tract. The body becomes habituated to the laxative doses. Once laxative use is halted, the intestines can slow down and lose their ability to remove food from the body. This, in turn, can lead to severe constipation. Also, the nerve endings which surround the large intestines are changed by chronic laxative use, causing them to no longer respond to stimulation. This creates a cycle of requiring larger doses of laxatives to create a bowel movement.

Now that you have a background on Laxatives, I will now go into detail with regard to the most popular kind of Laxative here in the Philippines which is none other than Senna.

So what is Senna?

According to Amy Long Carrera (n.d.) of, “Senna is a yellow-flowered plant that typically grows in India and China. The leaves of the senna plant are used in non-prescription medicines and herbal supplements to treat constipation. There is not enough research to rate senna as effective for other health concerns, such as hemorrhoids or weight loss, according to the National Institutes of Health. Exercise caution when using senna to relieve constipation.”

What is Senna used for?

According to WebMD (n.d.), “Senna is Likely Effective for constipation. Taking senna orally is effective for short-term treatment of constipation. Senna is an FDA-approved nonprescription drug for adults and children ages 2 years and older. However, in children ages 3-15 years, mineral oil and a medication called lactulose might be more effective. In elderly people, senna plus psyllium is more effective than lactulose for treating ongoing constipation.”

Furthermore, WebMD (n.d.) states that, “Senna is Possibly Effective for bowel preparation before colonoscopy. Taking senna by mouth might be effective for bowel cleansing before colonoscopy; however, sodium phosphate or polyethylene glycol are more effective.”

Lastly, WebMD (n.d.) indicated that, Senna has Insufficient Evidence for:

  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Irritable bowel disease.
  • Losing weight.
  • Other conditions.

Side Effects and Safety Use of Senna:

According to Cathy Wong (2013) of, “Senna should not be used for more than seven consecutive days unless under a doctor’s supervision. It should not be used to get a daily bowel movement.” Furthermore, Carrera (n.d.) adds that, “Senna can cause diarrhea, which may lead to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. You may experience nausea or vomiting, although these issues are less common. Some people may be allergic to senna leaves. The color of your urine may change while you are taking senna laxatives, but should go back to normal when you stop. Avoid using senna for long periods of time, as chronic use may impair the normal function of your colon, cautions the American Cancer Society. Consult with your doctor before using senna if you are pregnant or nursing.”

To know more about the side effects, uses and recommendations of both Senna and Laxatives, please do visit the following websites to be listed down at the end of this blog. 🙂

So now that you know what Senna and Laxatives are, let’s move on to the review, shall we?

Biguerlai Tea:


BioFit Tea:



  • Aids Constipation
  • Both should be steeped for 15-20mins
  • Both contain 75% (1.5g) Senna Leaves/Fruits and 25% (0.5g) Senna Pods
  • Both claim to reduce surplus fats, weight and excess body fluids
  • Both are Laxatives
  • Only one cup a day for both teas


  • Biguerlai is more expensive for it costs about Php 38.00 to 40.00 depending on which local drugstore you purchase it from.
  • BioFit Tea is cheaper for it only costs Php 29.00 for both Mercury Drugstore and SouthStar Drug.
  • BioFit Tea claims to promote a slimmer and sexy figure with continued use.
  • Biguerlai comes with a precaution while BioFit Tea doesn’t have any.
  • Biguerlai Tea should be placed in 200ml cup of lukewarm water while BioFit Tea only indicated that it should be steeped using hot water.
  • With Biguerlai, the taste of the Senna Fruits/Leaves and Pods are more evident as compared to BioFit Tea
  • Biguerlai works faster for you could easily feel as if you need to go to the restroom as soon as you wake up.

Which one do I recommend?

Personally, I do recommend that you use the Biguerlai Tea instead of the BioFit one it contains a precaution with regard to how the product is to be used by someone. Medically speaking, it is always advisable to take in products/drugs that have a precaution written on the packaging itself for this will help people know how it should be taken. Moreover, it is also best to invest in a brand that has been around in the market for quite some time already because this only goes to show that it is very effective. 🙂



Well, that’s it, everyone. I hope you have found this blog post as informative as possible. If you have any comments, adverse reactions and the like, feel free to comment down below. Again, all my comments are subject to approval because I tend to overlook them at times. 🙂 Thank you very much for reading! I hope you have an amazing day wherever you are! Take care and God bless you always! ❤



Makeup Artist ♥

Sources and Works Cited:








73 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT LAXATIVES (Biguerlai Tea and BioFit Tea Review)

  1. TBTG! This is really informative! 🙂
    Can you give me a safe advice to loose 5 kg. in 3 weeks? Please, I’m required to loose weight. Help me if its ok to you.

    • I suggest that you consult first with your doctor before going on a diet to avoid complications. However, what you can do is to lessen your food intake. Portion control is very much recommended in this process because it will make so much of a difference in just a week or two. Also, I suggest that you download the “myfitnesspal” application in order to check your calories. Its very easy to use and it will help you a lot in portion control. 😊 You can pair that with plenty of good exercise such as a combination of both weight training and cardio. Or if you do not wanna hit the gym, you could opt to watch dance workout videos on YouTube and/or take a walk or jog outside for at least 30-60 mins. This will help you burn those excess fats. Either way, your nutrition will be the one to determine your overall weight loss. So keep your food choices as healthy as possible. No soft-drinks, alcohol, and less sweets and also lessen your salty food choices. I got these from my boyfriend because he is a nutritionist and dietician. 🙂 So there, TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY and GOD BLESS. You can do it! Hit me up with some updates, okay? Thank you! 😊😊😊

  2. I enjoy reading your blog.. ^^ i’ve learned a lot!
    i dont actually use biguerlai for loosing weight, i use this for my constipation. I tried all the foods that will help me with my constipation, but it’s not working.
    Im on diet and i always drink green smoothie and green juice but none of these are helping me with my constipation.

    Im just worried because i get used to it. Without biguerlai tea, its really really difficult.. i tried not to drink it and it took me 3-4 days to poop -_-‘
    I really hate being constipated. 😥

    • I hate being in the same situation too. Hehe but I guess we just have to train our body not to become so dependent on laxatives. My uncle who is a doctor advised me to eat a lot of papaya and all sorts of fruits that are a natural remedy for constipation. This will train our body to stop being drug or tea dependent. Also, its not that bad if you experience infrequent stools. 3-4 days is okay for its still normal. 🙂 If its more than a week, that is when you should be worried. Other than that, you can opt to train your metabolism to become faster by counting your calories and watching your macronutrient (protein/fat/carbs) intake daily. This helped me a lot too. So if you’re experiencing constipation, its best to eat a lot of fiber rich foods. I will link an article below so you could use it as a reference for the next time you experience constipation. Hihi. Thank you for your support on this blog. I hope you find an answer to your constipation problems soon. Take care! 🙂

      Link to the article:

  3. I tried both and I’d go for Biofit Tea. biguerlai makes going to the bathroom really unpredictable, and my stomach hurt sooo bad. With Biofit, it’s almost always consistent that I would only need to go to “release” after 8-9 hours, which is why it’s best to take before bed time.

    • Cool. I guess products do react differently on someone. Maybe depending on our lifestyle. If Biofit Tea works for you, then that’s a good thing because its not affordable, but also proven effective now thanks to your comment. 🙂

      • nag try ako ng biofit kagabi lang. nung madaling araw na medyo parang may kung anong nagalaw sa tyan ko hahaha pero hindi naman masakit, may mga malilikot lang talagang gumagalaw sa loob xD then hindi naman ako nag poop agad eh. nung morning na, parang natural lang, yung poop ko natural lang siya hindi parang tubig na sinasabi nila saka hindi naman masakit tyan ko. siguro kasi 1 time palang ako nagdrink. sana mag work 😀 want ko talaga pumayat 😀

  4. Hello would you mind letting me know which web host you’re utilizing?
    I’ve loaded your blkog in 3 different internet browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot
    quicker then most. Can you recommend a good hosting provider at
    a reasonable price? Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

  5. hi..this is the first time i saw this blog. .i used biofitea before bed time last september 2014,until now. .from 68 kgs. becomes 58 kgs. Is it ok if i drink this tea continually. ? if i will stop drinking teas, what will happen to my weight. ? i’m just worried because i’m working to a fast food. All of my meals was dipped/cooked in oil everyday. .i have no choice to eat some dietary food. .what will i do. ?please reply..

    • Try to modulate your intake muna in order to avoid further damage to your system. Try to eat stir fried veggies or take Psyllium Fibre para macleanse yung system mo. Hopefully magiging okay rin yan.

      • I have a question! I’m 18 years old and I do not have regular bowel movement on a frequent basis. It takes 3-4 days for me before i dispose even though i tried everyday to to dispose but I just dont feel the urge so i take biofit tea, and the next day i successfully dispose. However, after that I go to the same cycle again and wait 3-4 days before i dispose so I have to drink biofit tea again. I have only been using it this month and not on a frequent basis but I kinda fel frustrated. How will I have a normal bowel movement plus my stool is hard, I try to drink as much water as I can but I dont see any difference. 😦

  6. Hi.. I purchased a box of biofitea and it break me out.. Is this a side effect too? I stop using it though I still have 20 pcs tea bag at home. I’m afraid my zits get worst because of this. 😦

  7. I got scared after reading this, because I consume two tea bags (biofit) in a cup every night. I am already using it for a long period of time, actually it really did help me to lose weight.But now I want to stop using it! Thanks for the info!

    • How long have you been using Biofit Tea? I’ve been using it for more than a month now every night, one teabag before bedtime. Geeezzz, after reading its side effects, I’m afraid of using it again!!!

      • Hello. I only drink Biofit Tea now whenever I feel constipated or bloated. I don’t really drink it everyday because I’m also afraid of its side effects. How did it work for you so far? Did you lose some weight or experience any other discomfort or changes in your body?

    • I think you should ask your doctor regarding that matter, so you know what health care hazards it may pose. But you could always drink it after your period if you are not constipated.

  8. I’d been using bio fit for more than 3 months now and I’m happy with the results. I lost weight and it regulate my bowel movement.

  9. I have a question! I’m 18 years old and I do not have regular bowel movement on a frequent basis. It takes 3-4 days for me before i dispose even though i tried everyday to to dispose but I just dont feel the urge so i take biofit tea, and the next day i successfully dispose. However, after that I go to the same cycle again and wait 3-4 days before i dispose so I have to drink biofit tea again. I have only been using it this month and not on a frequent basis but I kinda fel frustrated. How will I have a normal bowel movement plus my stool is hard, I try to drink as much water as I can but I dont see any difference. 😦

    • Hi ads:) I think you need to consult your doctor first, you have the same situation with my daughter and we are seeing a specialist he is one of the top doctor at cardinal santos hospital and he did recommend drinking prune juice, eat some fruits and avoid eating apple and banna, of course you need to drink alot of water to avoid dehydration.


      this blog is very informative I use biguerlai whenever i need to lose some weight, i don’t use this regularly since I cannot tolerate going to the comfort room every min. 🙂

  10. I ve been using biofitea for months now and i ve lost 4kg. I usually take it before bed time. i noticed last monday night there is a blood in my urine .what should i do?pls i need ur help?

    • Have you asked your doctor regarding this matter? Its best to get your urine tested and go for a physical examination, so you’d know what’s going on inside your body.

  11. I was planning to buy Biguerlai Tea to eliminate my excess fat. As I researched on the side effects and benefits of Senna Tea I chanced upon your site. As I read on I realized that the side effects of Senna Tea outweigh the benefits that you can derive from it. Thanks for the informative and detailed review on laxatives, it’s good to read that you also include the websites where you got it from. 🙂

    • Hello. If you drink this everyday, you can expect to get diarrhea over time. Its best to only drink it on days when you are very much constipated. As mentioned in the blog, using it all the time may pose some problems to your health. So don’t overuse the product. 🙂

  12. Thank you so much…I’m been using that tea almost 3years,,and i stop now due to my arthritis pain..i try to search on internet if was the side effects of drinking tea..

  13. I had use the biofetea product in a month. I felt really effected. But i feel now super pain in my stomach it seems there are many air inside. What does it mean? I did stop drinking the product now because of that reason and i started to researched about the laxative. I am afraid now because of those side effects mentioned in the internet. Pls help me..

    • Hello. I’m so sorry to hear that, but have you checked with your healthcare provider? Its best to always get a checkup first especially if you feel a gush of pain in your stomach.. Also, its a good thing that you have stopped using the product first because it can worsen the situation if you keep on drinking it alongside with the pain you’re feeling. I suggest that you see a doctor right away. God bless.

    • You can take it every other day if you are constipated. Just don’t overdose yourself with it because it might pose some trouble in the long-run as indicated in this blog.

    • Hi. Ano ba ang iyong goal weight? Kasi di naman talaga porket uminom tayo ng tea, eh papayat na talaga tayo ng tuluyan because of it. It can only help with our bowel movement. Para mabilis madigest ng katawan natin yung pagkain and medyo matunaw yung mga fats sa kinakain natin. Pero nagdedepend parin yan sa diet mo at sa mga kinakain mo and also sa lifestyle mo. 🙂

  14. Hi! does laxative tea like biguerlai tea affects our monthly period? Co’z i recently used biguerlai for me to poop easily, and it is effective really!but now i experience my monthly period comes early and it’s like a spotting first and not so red it’s like brown-red appearance at first day and then the 2nd day of my period it’s totally red color blood but minimal only,unlike before when i didn’t use this laxative period is normal but i experience dysmenorrhea,but now no painful dysme but minimal amount of period only.Shall i stop dringking this tea?

    • Hello Nathalie. How long have you been using this product? There are actually a lot of factors that can affect our monthly period. It is best to consult your OB-GYN first regarding that matter because it might have something to do with your sleeping patterns and food intake. Its always best to seek medical help first. I hope that helps.

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