Lol Cosmetics Haul! 😃

Hey everyone! So I am back with another blogpost. This time it is about a new cosmetic line that I have just stumbled upon at SM Department Store and Watson’s. The cosmetic line is called, LOL Cosmetics that was imported from France. I am guessing that this is a drugstore product line based on the packaging and price of the product. I will be linking the LOL Cosmetic’s website down below for more details so you too can have an idea of what this product is all about. 😃

Lol Cosmetics 😄

Since this is a haul blogpost, I will be placing a picture of the product down below together with the price (in Philippine Peso), so that you will have an idea of how much this product costs. 😀 Also, I will be including a short description of the product so you’ll somewhat have a bit of a background with regard to its texture and ect. 😃

Before I post the pictures, I would just like to indicate here that the product was not sent to me by anyone and all of the opinions to be listed down below are of my own. Thank you. 😄 Plus, I also have not reviewed the product yet, so what you’ll be seeing down below would only be an opinion based on how I have tried the product on my hand (via Testers in the department store). If you want me to do a more detailed review on the product, feel free to comment down below and I sure will upload one just for you. 😀

Let’s begin. 😃

Product Name: 01 Strawberry Orange Lip Balm
Price: Php 119
Thoughts: I honestly have not tried this product at all since it does not have a sample. However, upon opening it, I have noticed that it has such a sweet smell and it does follow the scent of the product name as well. I sure hope it moisturizes my face in the future though. 😄

Product Name: 02 Sweet Disposition (lighter shade) and 08 Kiss Kiss
Price: Php 99
Thoughts: Upon trying the tester for this product, I immediately fell in love with it because of its creamy texture. I mean, I just had to buy it. Plus it is also very well pigmented. I just do not know about the staying power of this one. However, when you try the tester, you will notice that the product glides on smoothly and that it has this sweet candy-like scent.

Product Name: 01 All Bronzed Up (Bronzer), 02 Chateu Rose (Blush) and 01 Black Betty (Eyeshadow)
Price: Php 139
Thoughts: I personally have not tried these products on myself yet on a full face of makeup, so I can’t really say anything about how long it will stay and ect. However, upon taking swatches of it on my hand, I have noticed that they are very well pigmented. I just hope that it is also blend-able too when I try it either on my face or on a client’s face. 😊

Product Name: 01 Natural Beige
Price: Php 139
Thoughts: Upon trying its tester on my hand, I have noticed that the product is very light weight and that it spreads out evenly. I just do not know about the coverage yet since I have not really tried it on my face or on a client yet. Again, I just hope it doesn’t cause breakouts or anything. 😀

Well, that’s basically it for this Haul. I know you are prolly wondering if I should repurchase this or not, but as of now, I really can’t tell because it really all depends on its performance for when I do a review about it. 😊 So if you have questions and/or requests, please feel free to comment down below and I will get back to you soon! 😀

Take care and God bless you always! I shall see you on my next blog post! Goodbye!! 😊😊😊



Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist ♥

Claire Stephanie P. Lingan,
Freelance Aspiring Professional
Makeup Artist ♥


My First Up-do for a client!

Hey there, everyone! I am back with another quick update and this is about my first ever up-do for a client. As you all know, hair is not really my forte that is why I normally get my friends who are experts in hair care to do this for me. However, on the day that they were not really available to do hair, I had to do it by myself. 😦

At first, I felt really bad because I could not say no to a client, especially if its a relative of mine. Thus, I really had to Google some of the hairstyles on the internet just to have a background about Hair and how to style it. To cut the long story short, I was able to learn how to do an up-do that will surely match the makeup and outfit of my cousin, Dr. Cusi. Hence, I came up with this one (see picture below).


And the picture below is the final output! 🙂
I know its not really much of a big deal to some of you guys, but to me it wasn’t as easy as it looks to some who are already experts in this field. That is why I opt to study hair styling soon. I do hope that by doing so, I can maximize my skills in the health, beauty and wellness industry. Therefore, helping Women all around the world to be confident of who they are and to be able to bring out the true beauty in them. Sounds cliche, right? But that’s just how it is. 🙂

Well, I hope you like this quick update of mine! I will post more blogposts soon! Talk to you soon! Take care and God bless! 🙂 ❤️



Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist ♥

Claire Stephanie P. Lingan,
Freelance Aspiring Professional
Makeup Artist ♥