Make Your Own Lipstick at Lab’i’s Lipstick Design Studio


Hey everyone! I’m back again with another blog post, and this time its about my experience at Lab’i Lipstick Design Studio at Eastwood Citywalk, Libis. So if you wanna know more about this awesome place, keep on reading! 😘

So last March 7, 2019, I was invited over to join Lab’i for a promotional shoot for their brand. Shout out to Ms. Grace and Ms. Eleanor for making me a part of your campaign. Thank you so so much! I am very grateful that I got to experience how to make a lipstick from scratch. It’s really something that I’ve always wanted to try since I am a Professional Makeup Artist, and also a huge makeup enthusiast.

Just to give you a background about Lab’i, this is a Lipstick Design Studio that allows you to customize your own lipstick. You can choose from over 150 different shades to fit your taste, and your skin tone. You can also choose to design your lipstick whichever shape you want, may it be rounded, diamond, or heart shaped.

Apart from that, you can also customize it to be Matte, Glossy or Semi-Matte. It’s that great! And if you are someone who is not a fan of scented lipsticks, you can opt for it to be unscented.

However, if you wish to incorporate some essential oils to make your lipstick as unique as possible, you can also do it. There is a variety of scents that you can choose from, and its all 100% organic and cruelty free! Not tested on animals because you are the very first one to test it out, yourself.

Lab’i allows you to know what products to put in order to make a long lasting lipstick that you can definitely be proud of. Why so? It’s because you are the one who created and designed it. But no worries because its not as complicated as it seems because their amazing staff will guide you through the whole process.

However, if you are someone who is on the go, and you still wanna try their lipsticks, then you can choose from their range of ready-made bestsellers. Apart from that, you can also opt to have your lipstick done by the lab personnel from the studio, and you can watch how it’s done. These are a much cheaper option as compared to having you make your own lipstick. But don’t worry because the quality is still the same, and its guaranteed to be highly pigmented and long-wearing.


So for my very own customized Lab’i Lipstick, I chose the shade number 59. This is a mauve nude shade that has a purple undertone in it. I like it a lot because its the perfect match to my skin-tone. Since I am quite fair, I always choose a shade that has a blue undertone in it so that it won’t look washed out on my skin. I also added in some Eucalyptus Oil to give it that fresh and relaxing vibe every time I would apply it. I also chose a blue and gold case with a diamond tip to give it that elegant and classy vibe. Much like those luxury and designer lipsticks.

So the first step that we did was to get the flower pigment from the lab. They also gave me some beeswax and oil to open and mix together with the pigment. We put this all inside a small beaker, and cooked it for about 2-3 minutes under a small electric stove so that the ingredients will mix together perfectly.

We then dropped the Eucalyptus Oil, and mixed it all together for another minute. After which, we placed the lipstick solution into the molder, and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. We then took it out, and placed it inside the case, and there you have it! That’s how easy it is to make your very own lipstick from Lab’i.


So what do I think of Lab’i? Would I recommend you trying this out? YES, OF COURSE! It may be a bit expensive than buying the average lipstick, but its worth every penny. I would describe the experience as something that anyone should put in their bucket list to try because of how fun and hands on it is. 😊

On top of that, this is a really fun thing to try with your family, friends, and loved ones. The place is very cozy, and the ambiance is indeed very Instagrammable! I would truly recommend you going to Lab’i Lipstick Design Studio located at the 2nd Floor Eastwood Citywalk Libis, Quezon City. ❤️ Thank you once again to Ms. Grace and Ms. Eleanor for this wonderful opportunity. More power to your brand! ❤️

So that’s it for this blog post, I hope you find the information above very helpful. See you again on my next blog! 😘

Promotional Links:

Lab’i Lipstick Design Studio

Address: Unit B208, 2nd Floor Eastwood Citywalk, Libis, Quezon City


Contact Number: 02-234-5801 and 0917-880-5866




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