Back In the Makeup Industry ♥

Hey everyone! I know you know how stagnant I have been lately in the course of doing makeup. You see I was very much preoccupied with a lot of things since I am already in my Junior year in college. That would include my hectic schedule in class due to the numerous amount of school work given to us in class. Moreover, I have been through a lot of tough times as well. If you follow my twitter account, you’ll see loads amount of drama pertaining to my teenage life. Its not necessarily easy juggling my makeup career together with some love-life drama and school work.

Anyway, I know you might be wondering why I titled this blog as such. Well, thanks to the org fair that I attended in school, I got to be given a chance to do makeup again. So the story goes this way, my friend, Zharmaine wanted me to try out for the UST Mediartrix Organization, the largest theater org in UST. Just in case anyone is asking, and to those who do not know, I am taking up AB Economics at the University of Santo Tomas. Going back, I auditioned for the Visual Teams that’s more inclined to doing makeup. From then on, I was surprised that I got accepted because I haven’t really had any shoot or gig for quite a while now. Below is a picture of the makeup look that I did to my friend, Zharmaine that got me a spot in the Mediartrix Family.

After getting accepted in the Mediartrix Family, I got a text message that I was appointed as their Assistant Makeup Head for the upcoming minor production titled as, “Reality Mang”. I was surprised by how many people still think that I have it in me. I honestly wanted to give up makeup already since I was being so stagnant about it, but through this one event in my life, I was given another chance. I have my friend, Zharmaine to thank for this because it was her who pushed me into going back in the industry. So thank you so much, Zha! I owe you a lot on this one. ❤

Below are the details of the minor production, by the way. This is of course, if you are interested to watch.

Another factor that triggered my entry back into the industry would be the upcoming intercollegiate school pageants. As you may have seen in my Facebook Page, I have been a makeup artist for almost a lot of school pageants now. Mostly coming from my society, which would be the Artlets Economics Society. They have pretty much given me a lot of opportunities when it comes to showcasing my talents in the makeup field. I have done quite a few photo shoots with them that paved way for me to also participate in being a makeup artist for a candidate in the pageant itself. With that said, my blockmates asked me to do the makeup for our Male and Female candidates in the upcoming pageant. This was an x-deal shoot since I pretty much was testing myself on whether or not I should go back in the industry.

Thankfully, the shoot was a success and I was able to prove to people that I still have it in me. That I am still a credible makeup artist. I basically did a smokey eyed makeup look on our female candidate paired with a neutral lip color to fit the Hunger Games theme. As for our male candidate, I just enhanced his features through the power of contouring. This is to highlight his manliness. I pretty much paralleled their look to the characters of the Hunger Games Trilogy. I don’t necessarily go for the editorial peg when it comes to shoots that have themes. Especially those that require simplicity. Its better to make the model look as if he or she is really a part of the said peg. Its more realistic that way for me. Plus it coincides well with the requirement of the photographers. If it was an editorial shoot, I would definitely follow what needs to be done. However for this one, I just kept it simple. ❤

Below are the pictures of the pageant photo shoot. Outdoor shots were done by Mr. Kevin Bayona, and as for the indoor shots, they were taken by Mr. Dean Astilla. 🙂




Getting back into the industry is not easy as it seems. I personally have had my fair shares of criticism from people, but from there I had that drive to learn more. I don’t want to quit doing makeup because it has been my passion ever since I entered college. That is why I will still push through with my dream of being a Professional Makeup Artist. My dream doesn’t end here because I know I can still do more. Who knows? My work of art may just be in the cover of a magazine someday. No one knows what the future holds for me, and that is basically why I am still here to strive harder to reach my dreams. That’s all. I hope you had fun reading this blog. There is more to come soon, I promise. :> Take care and never stop reaching for your dreams! :”> ♥


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist ♥


Prom and Graduation Ball Makeup Gigs for 2012 :)

  • Makeup for Ms. Camille Bartolome during the Claret Prom of 2012! 🙂 Thank you so much, Camz! It was a pleasure meeting you and your lovely family! Your Mom is so sweet for giving me apple juice. Hehe! I’m so touched! :>
  • Thank you to Ms. Yna Mendez for recommending me! I really enjoyed working with all of you! :”> See you real soon! ♥
  • First Male Grooming of the year! This is for Mr. Kyle Arceo’s Prom! He is from Claret too! :> Doesn’t he look gorgeous for a guy? Thank you so much, Kyle! 🙂 I didn’t know how small the world is and that you and Camz were best friends. Thank you so so much! :”> You made this an opportunity worth remembering! :”>
  • Hair and Makeup for Ms. Hya Famarin during the Ateneo de Manila High School Graduation Ball last March 10, 2012! :>
  • Thank you so much, Hya! :> You and Carl look so cute here! :”>
  • Thank you for bearing with me during this day too, Hya! :> It was so sweet of you to give me a chicken burger and coke from Mc Donald’s afterward! Thank you so so so so much! ♥

  • Makeup for Ms. Tracy Famarin and Ms. Johanna Panlilo during the Miriam College High School Prom last February 18, 2012.
  • Hair done by Ms. Marlo Ramos
  • Credits to Ms. Hya Famarin for booking us! :>
  • Thank you too for Mrs. Famarin and Mrs. Panlilo for being so kind to us! We really didn’t expect that you’d feed us some afternoon snacks! Thank you so much! ♥

It is indeed such a blessing to have worked with these people, for their kindness is really something that I didn’t personally expect to to come from my clients. I am really very blessed to have worked with them and having them become my friends as well. Thank you so much to the Almighty Father for His blessings for me! He has given me way too much already and I just am so overwhelmed!  I never expected to be booked in such events. Its really something that every makeup artist would be proud of. I really do appreciate every single thing! Thank you so much for being a part of my life! 🙂


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist ♥

The Basics of Facial Contouring ♥


Image Source: Aucoin, 1997 p. 24 and


–          Contouring is something that describes the application for color mediums. It does not only denote light and dark areas, but it can also imply the emphasis derived from color and reflection.

–          Shading – This is a method by which a product is used to recede the areas of the face. The color of shading powders usually come in matte shades ranging from neutral brown to a deeper ash brown color. This may come in many forms such as liquid, powder and cream formulations.

–          Highlighting – A  method by which a product is used in order to bring forth facial features in order for it to look evident on the face by drawing or reflecting light after shading. Since these products are light reflective, they can range from bright pearly whites to matte beige shades. It also comes in liquid, powder and cream formulations.


  • Shade the product on the sides of the face using an angled brush. Blend away as you go along shading upward to the temple.  This will create an illusion of an slimmer forehead.


  • The key in contouring your chin and jaw is to always keep in mind that the end goal is to create an illusion of an oval face which is known to be the ideal face shape for people.
  •  In contouring one’s jaw, the contouring powder or bronzer must be applied underneath the jaw line using an angled brush. This will enable the product to blend in perfectly for that illusion of a slimmer face. Highlighting your chin will draw attention towards the center of your face. Again, this creates an illusion of one having slimmer facial features.


  • Highlighting under the eye area will draw attention into one’s eye makeup. This will enable the shadows to stand out. More so, it will emphasize the contoured facial features.
  • Highlighting under and over the brow bone area will draw light towards the face. Hence, it will extenuate one’s feature.  In this process, one must have a well-groomed pair of brows because this really does make or break one’s look.


  • The common misconception about contouring one’s cheekbones is for them to apply the product on the cheek itself by sucking it in to determine where the hallow itself is. However, the key in contouring one’s cheek properly is to locate where the cheekbone is and apply the shading powder underneath it. By slowly blending the product on the desired area, natural shadows will surface, bringing fort the desired illusion of a slimmer face.
  •  Highlighting over the contoured portion will again, draw light into the face making the shadows stand out.
  •  Placing a bronzer over the contoured portion extending up towards the temple will give it a more natural touch, bringing fort a natural glow on the face.


  •  In contouring one’s nose, one must always remember to keep it simple. One need not to heavily shade the sides of the nose because it will do away with the desired appearance of a naturally pointy nose and evident nose bridge.

a.)      Wide Nose

è  For people with a wide nose, one must shade the sides of the nose first to create an illusion of a slimmer nose. This line created upon shading the sides of the nose will give an illusion of having a nose bridge that will reduce the wideness. After which, highlight the portion in between the nose bridge to attract in light making the line look more natural.

b.)     Rounded Tip Nose

è  For people with a rounded tip nose, the key is to shade the rounded tip in order to create a softer appearance. This will reduce the roundness and give an illusion of having a pointy-looking nose. Again, do not forget to shade the sides of the nose and add highlighter in between the nose bridge extending upward to attract in more light

c.)      Long Nose

è  For people who have a long nose, very minimal shading is required on the part of the nose bridge. Concentrate in shading the tip of the nose to give it a shorter looking appearance. Shade the sides of the nose lightly and add in the highlighter only on the bridge of the nose.

d.)     Uneven Nostrils

è  For people who have uneven nostrils, the best thing to do is to lighten the higher part of the nostril or darken the lower area to achieve balance. Shade the sides of the nose lightly or darker depending on the width of the nose bridge. After which, highlight the bridge extending upward so there is minimal attention given to the uneven portion of the nose, thus adding more dimension to the face.


Center for Aesthetic Studies, Basic Makeup Artistry Handouts,  2011.

Modified by:

Ms. Claire Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist (CAS Batch 28) ♥


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist