Tips for your Job Interview Makeup Look!

Hey everyone! I am back with a quick blog post about a makeup look that is pretty much popular for all fresh graduates out there. Are you ready? Let’s go! 😄


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– Ladies! This is a must, okay? Why? Because remember, this is a job interview and not a party. You do not want your interviewer to think that you are wearing too much makeup on. Plus, the look that you should aim for is a more sophisticated makeup look that is a bit toned down. You should just look like your normal self, only better. 😉


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– Well, before applying any makeup on, always keep in mind that you should keep your face hydrated at all times by moisturizing it. This will not only bring out your natural glow, but this will also give you a youthful touch that will surely snag the attention of your interviewer. You do not wanna look like you have been through hell and back just looking for a job. Keep it cool and hydrate yourself with water and apply your favorite moisturizer.


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– I truly believe that your eyebrows frame your face. Grooming them will enhance your natural facial features. And yes, I know you are prolly thinking to yourself that you cannot make them look even and what not. Well, let me tell you that your eyebrows are not twins but sisters. One brow will never look like the other brow even if you try and try. Well, not unless you have measured the two closely and you have an obsession of making them both look alike. Nonetheless, its always advisable to groom them. Be mindful also to use an eyebrow color that matches your skin tone and hair color. 😄


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– Please ladies, refrain from using a bold lip color. This will not only distract your interviewer, but it will also make them have a feel that you are wearing too much makeup on. Remember, you are selling yourself for that job position, and you do not wanna give off a bad impression. However, if you feel more comfortable with a bold lip color on, and it boosts up your confidence then be my guest. Just make sure to pair it off with a neutral eyeshadow color. I will reiterate it again, this is a job interview and not a party. I am saying this because I see so much women walking in and out of interviews looking as if they just came from a glamour shoot. Although there is nothing wrong with that, it is still advisable that you wear very minimal makeup on.
– Brown eyeshadow pallets and/or sets are a must have in this makeup look. Why? Because brown eyeshadows enhance the natural contour of your eyes. Paired with the proper highlight color that matches your skin tone, you are sure to rock the look. 😄

Tip #5: SMILE

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– They say that the best makeup look anyone can wear would be a smile on their face. So why not do it, right? What’s the point of fixing yourself up if you do not have a smile on your face? Being happy and confident of who you are makes so much of a difference. Even if your makeup look doesn’t look like a Vogue Magazine look, that pleasant smile you have makes you so much prettier than any top model out there. I am not exaggerating this for blogging purposes only, okay? I am saying this because a smiling face always gives off a positive first impression, especially for interviewers. 😊

Well everyone, that is it for now! I hope you enjoyed my tips for your job interview makeup look! If you want me to do a written or actual makeup tutorial on a sample job interview makeup, then let me know in the comments below.

The photo below is a sample of what the makeup look I wore in my job interview. I will post more photos on my facebook page! Just feel free to click on the link down below.

Makeup By Claire Lingan

So I’ll talk to you guys/girls again soon! Take care and best wishes on your job interview! I hope you found the following tips helpful. God bless! 😘