Prom and Graduation Ball Makeup Gigs for 2012 :)

  • Makeup for Ms. Camille Bartolome during the Claret Prom of 2012! 🙂 Thank you so much, Camz! It was a pleasure meeting you and your lovely family! Your Mom is so sweet for giving me apple juice. Hehe! I’m so touched! :>
  • Thank you to Ms. Yna Mendez for recommending me! I really enjoyed working with all of you! :”> See you real soon! ♥
  • First Male Grooming of the year! This is for Mr. Kyle Arceo’s Prom! He is from Claret too! :> Doesn’t he look gorgeous for a guy? Thank you so much, Kyle! 🙂 I didn’t know how small the world is and that you and Camz were best friends. Thank you so so much! :”> You made this an opportunity worth remembering! :”>
  • Hair and Makeup for Ms. Hya Famarin during the Ateneo de Manila High School Graduation Ball last March 10, 2012! :>
  • Thank you so much, Hya! :> You and Carl look so cute here! :”>
  • Thank you for bearing with me during this day too, Hya! :> It was so sweet of you to give me a chicken burger and coke from Mc Donald’s afterward! Thank you so so so so much! ♥

  • Makeup for Ms. Tracy Famarin and Ms. Johanna Panlilo during the Miriam College High School Prom last February 18, 2012.
  • Hair done by Ms. Marlo Ramos
  • Credits to Ms. Hya Famarin for booking us! :>
  • Thank you too for Mrs. Famarin and Mrs. Panlilo for being so kind to us! We really didn’t expect that you’d feed us some afternoon snacks! Thank you so much! ♥

It is indeed such a blessing to have worked with these people, for their kindness is really something that I didn’t personally expect to to come from my clients. I am really very blessed to have worked with them and having them become my friends as well. Thank you so much to the Almighty Father for His blessings for me! He has given me way too much already and I just am so overwhelmed!  I never expected to be booked in such events. Its really something that every makeup artist would be proud of. I really do appreciate every single thing! Thank you so much for being a part of my life! 🙂


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist ♥