My DIY Hair Waxing Experience

Olaaaaaa!! I’m back with another blog and this time, its all about hair waxing. Well, I don’t know with you guys but I really am a fan of waxing. I sometimes go to the local waxing station near our place or do it all by myself at home. So before I give you a quick tutorial as to how I wax my legs, I’ll just list down a couple of benefits with waxing which I have gathered online. I will put a link down below as to where I got them.

  1. It lasts longer than shaving your legs. Why? This is because waxing pulls out the hair from the roots, allowing it to grow thinner (as some would claim; although this is something that I personally experience as well). Moreover, this also removes dead skin cells hence, giving out a flawless finish.
  2. Its a time saver because some waxing products allow your skin to remain flawless in a span of four weeks or so. Whereas, shaving mostly yields to rashes and uneven hair growth – hair looks longer and thicker in some areas.
  3. This is a method that is less prone to accidents when you do it correctly. Inevitably, if you do something wrong, you are mostly prone to mistakes that can yield to irritations, rashes and scarring. So as for waxing, the best way to avoid them is to apply it in a direction where your hair would grow and to follow the instructions written on your waxing kit.

So those are probably the top three benefits that I have gathered from these wonderful sources:

So as promised, I would now write a quick tutorial as to how I wax my own legs and what products I use to do it. If you follow me on Twitter, liked my page and also am a follower of mine on Instagram, you’d see that I have written a post with regard to waxing. As written there, the three products that I use would be:

  • No Hair Wax Kit with Mangosteen Extract Unwanted Hair Remover that costs about Php 300 at Watson’s
  • Glam Works Hair Removal Paper that costs roughly about Php 30 also at Watson’s
  • Glam Works Hair Removal Wax Kit that costs less than Php 100 (sorry, I forgot the price; I will just check it and edit this soon) at Watson’s

Just a quick review on these products would be that they are absolutely inexpensive and very effective to use. Based from my experience, they haven’t caused me any allergies and they have really good reviews online. Also, its very easy to use and its not necessarily harmful to your skin. So if you’re interested, its written above where you could get them and just try them. However, make sure that you consult your doctor to avoid irritation. I always have to stress that out because I personally have very sensitive skin that I would like to take care by all means.


*Note: I am using the ‘No Hair Wax Kit with Mangosteen Extract Unwanted Hair Remover’ on the photo below*


  1. Before applying the wax, make sure that your skin is clean and free of any oil or dirt prior to waxing. I suggest that you even take a shower before you wax in order to prevent irritations.
  2. This step is optional if you are allergic to Powder or Baby Powder, but if you’re not, use this to mattify your skin. This will help the wax to become more adhesive thus, making it easier to pull.
  3. Following the natural flow of your hair, apply the wax over it using a Popsicle Stick. Mine came with the ‘Glam Works Hair Removal Kit’ but yeah, you can use any popsicle stick in this process.
  4. Place the hair removal sheet on top of the waxed area and flatten it out. Make sure that the wax sticks on to the paper as much as possible.
  5. Pull the hair removal paper opposite to how it was applied for this will pull out the hair, thus giving that flawless finish.
  6. Once you are done waxing, you can just easily go back to certain areas with a tweezer and tweeze out the unwanted hair that you have missed out during the whole of your waxing process.
  7. Another optional step which I actually encourage, but not to people who happen to be allergic to oil or any type of oil for that matter; is to apply oil over the waxed area to remove the excess wax and to moisturize the area to prevent irritation and ‘chicken skin’.


  • Always make sure to pick a product that is suitable to your skin type.
  • If you have sensitive skin, I suggest that you consult your doctor prior to waxing in order to prevent irritation.
  • In applying the wax, make sure to only get a pea-sized amount on the popsicle stick. This is so that you would know as to when you should add more wax or not.
  • Do not immediately wash your legs after you wax. WHY? This is because our pores are wide open when we wax, hence, we have to return back moisture and allow the pores to naturally close. Also, the main cause of ‘chicken skin’ is washing after a waxing session. However, if you really have to shower, then I suggest that you shower with luke warm water instead.
  • Do not pull our the hair removal paper hard or slow, and just do it in a right pace. This is so that accidents, scarring, rashes and other forms of irritation can be avoided.

So there you have it guys! I hope you enjoyed this blog and this quick tutorial as to how you could wax your own legs at home. I suggest that you read the instructions written on the waxing kit prior to doing it yourself or to read blogs online to know whether or not you should purchase a product. This is to help widen your knowledge on beauty products and to prevent all sorts of irritation to your skin from happening. One good place I would suggest that you go is none other than Watson’s for they really have all the beauty needs for our body to look its best. Thank you and good luck on your waxing experience! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!! 🙂


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist ♥

Claire Stephanie P. Lingan,
Freelance Aspiring Professional
Makeup Artist ♥


Back In the Makeup Industry ♥

Hey everyone! I know you know how stagnant I have been lately in the course of doing makeup. You see I was very much preoccupied with a lot of things since I am already in my Junior year in college. That would include my hectic schedule in class due to the numerous amount of school work given to us in class. Moreover, I have been through a lot of tough times as well. If you follow my twitter account, you’ll see loads amount of drama pertaining to my teenage life. Its not necessarily easy juggling my makeup career together with some love-life drama and school work.

Anyway, I know you might be wondering why I titled this blog as such. Well, thanks to the org fair that I attended in school, I got to be given a chance to do makeup again. So the story goes this way, my friend, Zharmaine wanted me to try out for the UST Mediartrix Organization, the largest theater org in UST. Just in case anyone is asking, and to those who do not know, I am taking up AB Economics at the University of Santo Tomas. Going back, I auditioned for the Visual Teams that’s more inclined to doing makeup. From then on, I was surprised that I got accepted because I haven’t really had any shoot or gig for quite a while now. Below is a picture of the makeup look that I did to my friend, Zharmaine that got me a spot in the Mediartrix Family.

After getting accepted in the Mediartrix Family, I got a text message that I was appointed as their Assistant Makeup Head for the upcoming minor production titled as, “Reality Mang”. I was surprised by how many people still think that I have it in me. I honestly wanted to give up makeup already since I was being so stagnant about it, but through this one event in my life, I was given another chance. I have my friend, Zharmaine to thank for this because it was her who pushed me into going back in the industry. So thank you so much, Zha! I owe you a lot on this one. ❤

Below are the details of the minor production, by the way. This is of course, if you are interested to watch.

Another factor that triggered my entry back into the industry would be the upcoming intercollegiate school pageants. As you may have seen in my Facebook Page, I have been a makeup artist for almost a lot of school pageants now. Mostly coming from my society, which would be the Artlets Economics Society. They have pretty much given me a lot of opportunities when it comes to showcasing my talents in the makeup field. I have done quite a few photo shoots with them that paved way for me to also participate in being a makeup artist for a candidate in the pageant itself. With that said, my blockmates asked me to do the makeup for our Male and Female candidates in the upcoming pageant. This was an x-deal shoot since I pretty much was testing myself on whether or not I should go back in the industry.

Thankfully, the shoot was a success and I was able to prove to people that I still have it in me. That I am still a credible makeup artist. I basically did a smokey eyed makeup look on our female candidate paired with a neutral lip color to fit the Hunger Games theme. As for our male candidate, I just enhanced his features through the power of contouring. This is to highlight his manliness. I pretty much paralleled their look to the characters of the Hunger Games Trilogy. I don’t necessarily go for the editorial peg when it comes to shoots that have themes. Especially those that require simplicity. Its better to make the model look as if he or she is really a part of the said peg. Its more realistic that way for me. Plus it coincides well with the requirement of the photographers. If it was an editorial shoot, I would definitely follow what needs to be done. However for this one, I just kept it simple. ❤

Below are the pictures of the pageant photo shoot. Outdoor shots were done by Mr. Kevin Bayona, and as for the indoor shots, they were taken by Mr. Dean Astilla. 🙂




Getting back into the industry is not easy as it seems. I personally have had my fair shares of criticism from people, but from there I had that drive to learn more. I don’t want to quit doing makeup because it has been my passion ever since I entered college. That is why I will still push through with my dream of being a Professional Makeup Artist. My dream doesn’t end here because I know I can still do more. Who knows? My work of art may just be in the cover of a magazine someday. No one knows what the future holds for me, and that is basically why I am still here to strive harder to reach my dreams. That’s all. I hope you had fun reading this blog. There is more to come soon, I promise. :> Take care and never stop reaching for your dreams! :”> ♥


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist ♥

Prom and Graduation Ball Makeup Gigs for 2012 :)

  • Makeup for Ms. Camille Bartolome during the Claret Prom of 2012! 🙂 Thank you so much, Camz! It was a pleasure meeting you and your lovely family! Your Mom is so sweet for giving me apple juice. Hehe! I’m so touched! :>
  • Thank you to Ms. Yna Mendez for recommending me! I really enjoyed working with all of you! :”> See you real soon! ♥
  • First Male Grooming of the year! This is for Mr. Kyle Arceo’s Prom! He is from Claret too! :> Doesn’t he look gorgeous for a guy? Thank you so much, Kyle! 🙂 I didn’t know how small the world is and that you and Camz were best friends. Thank you so so much! :”> You made this an opportunity worth remembering! :”>
  • Hair and Makeup for Ms. Hya Famarin during the Ateneo de Manila High School Graduation Ball last March 10, 2012! :>
  • Thank you so much, Hya! :> You and Carl look so cute here! :”>
  • Thank you for bearing with me during this day too, Hya! :> It was so sweet of you to give me a chicken burger and coke from Mc Donald’s afterward! Thank you so so so so much! ♥

  • Makeup for Ms. Tracy Famarin and Ms. Johanna Panlilo during the Miriam College High School Prom last February 18, 2012.
  • Hair done by Ms. Marlo Ramos
  • Credits to Ms. Hya Famarin for booking us! :>
  • Thank you too for Mrs. Famarin and Mrs. Panlilo for being so kind to us! We really didn’t expect that you’d feed us some afternoon snacks! Thank you so much! ♥

It is indeed such a blessing to have worked with these people, for their kindness is really something that I didn’t personally expect to to come from my clients. I am really very blessed to have worked with them and having them become my friends as well. Thank you so much to the Almighty Father for His blessings for me! He has given me way too much already and I just am so overwhelmed!  I never expected to be booked in such events. Its really something that every makeup artist would be proud of. I really do appreciate every single thing! Thank you so much for being a part of my life! 🙂


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist ♥

Third Photo Shoot of Year 2012 :>

Third Photo Shoot of Year 2012 ♥

Hey Everyone! Earlier today, I had a shoot with the Second Year Students of  the College of Fine Arts and Design majoring in Industrial Design at my school, the University of Santo Tomas. My friend, Nieves contacted me to help her and her groupmates out on their photoshoot project. If you guys are following me on Twitter, you would know that it is also my Preliminary Exams week. Hence, I really had a hard time managing my schedule because I couldn’t concentrate on studying because of too many things such as org workloads, school paperwork, photo shoots and a lot of different things. To cut the story short, I was stressed out because I didn’t know what I’d do to manage all of these at the same time. I even wanted to give up on myself already because I was too afraid that my grades are going to be in vain.

Thankfully, I managed to pull it all off because of the help of the Black Nazarene mixed with a whole lot amount of self-confidence. Since my bestfriend, Faye ( and I went to go see the Black Nazarene at Quiapo Church yesterday, I was able to gain back a lot of self-confidence to keep pushing myself forward. This is why I was able to at the very least, assert myself that I will be able to pull everything off. So the night I got home from Quiapo Church, I told myself to start studying at around 9:00pm because I had to wake up at around 6:30am and prepare myself for the shoot at around 8:00 in the morning. I then hurriedly reviewed for Rizal Course because I had to reread the readings and annotate each one for me to memorize and have a better understanding of what was going on. I finished studying for this at around quarter to 3:00am, and went to bed right away because I still have to wake up early for the shoot.

Makeup by Claire Lingan 🙂

I arrived at the venue of the shoot at around 8:00 in the morning. I met up with my friend, Nieves outside the Beato Building and immediately went upstairs to do the makeup of their model. It was kind of embarrassing on my part because I was in my uniform and my hair was dripping wet. Good thing, they didn’t mind what I looked like. So on the course of doing the model’s hair and makeup, I started by doing a neutral smokey eye. This is because I didn’t want the model to have an Avant Garde Leopard Face since I was told to change her look after the Leopard-Print Attire. The model was asked to wear a black tube with boots for her studio shoot, so I then proceeded on improving her look by doing a sultry smokey eye makeup to complement the outfit. After which, I proceeded on going for a nude color lip to complement the look. My reason for doing this is for me to have lesser time to do the makeup and incorporate more time on studying for my other exam which would be about Rational Psychology.

While Nieves and the others were shooting, I opted to stay near the building to study, so I can somehow retouch the model if ever. Unfortunately, the guard asked me to leave the vicinity because my driver parked the car on the Teacher’s Parking Slot which was directly fore fronting the area of the building. Since I cannot fathom the idea of all my precious lipsticks getting melted down by the blazing sun, I stayed inside the car and parked near the Arc of the Centuries. This is for me to be under the shade to study. and for me to easily spot where they were having the shoot. Fortunately for me, my friend, Zha whom I talked about in my previous blog, made time to accompany me. This was so sweet of her considering that we have a test at around 1:00pm.

Makeup by Claire Lingan 🙂

It took Nieves and the others to finish their outdoor shoot for about an hour. Luckily, I was halfway through studying about the History of Human Origin. So we went back up the building to do the second look at the fourth floor Studio-A of the Beato building. It took me about 25 mins to retouch and change the look of the model. After which, Zha and I left because we still had to study some more. We ate lunch at Jollibee at around 11:50am, and used the remaining hour to study for Rational Psychology and Rizal Course. Well, on this part of the story, I just went on to take my exams and prayed to God that I pass it.

Makeup for the Second Year UST Industrial Design Students 🙂

So this was how my Third Photo Shoot of Year 2012 went on to be like. I am still on the process of learning the idea of time management, so I can be more productive in what I am doing. You see, taking up a difficult course like mine and being a Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist at the same time is not that easy. I have to sacrifice my time on each side of the coin in order to achieve equilibrium in the things that I do. However, I am still thankful that I was given a chance to participate in such an event. All thanks to God and my friends: Nieves, Zha and Faye! This was truly a moment in my life that really challenged my capabilities, and pushed me to keep reaching for my dreams.

Thank you for reading!  I hope you’d have the heart to wish me luck on my exams. :”> Ciao! :>


Claire Stephanie P. Lingan, Freelance Aspiring Professional Makeup Artist (CAS BATCH 28) ♥